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Why Autumn is Awesome!


Yay! It’s now my favourite time of the year! Every year I look forward to October-December, especially after the sticky, sweaty summers, it just feels so nice! I’m not doing ‘Blogtober’ (when you post every day in October) because firstly, I have too much school work at the moment and secondly, as much as I love autumn I don’t have enough stuff to say about it for an entire thirty one days!

One of the reasons I love autumn is because of the colours! I love the reds and oranges in the trees! It’s GREAT for photographs… I have just a few photos of various different colours leaves I taken over the years! Another reason I love autumn is the weather! Now, not many people may agree with me because they love summer, but I just prefer ‘sweater weather’! I mean, if you’re cold you just add another jumper/scarf/hat/glove but if you too hot in the summer, there’s only so much you can do because you can’t exactly take your skin off! I like the crisp, fresh air in autumn because a lot of the time it’s not toooooo cold, but it’s so refreshing because of course in summer it’s so humid! A good thing about it being colder is that it’s socially acceptable to drink hot drinks all the time! It’s Pumpkin Spice Latte season, what’s not to like? (Well, except if you don’t like the PSL, in which case, I’m sorry that’s sad!)

This was a sign I saw in Starbucks! Happy Pumpkin Spice Season!

Me in some autumnal leaves!

I love everything about autumn really. You can get really cosyyyyy and use nice smelling candles (moderately though, because fire is scary). And I love gingerbread, although it’s more winter-y than autumn but it’s close! Oh, and wearing big fluffy socks!

Hot Chocolate <3



Lastly, my birthday is in November, so that’s quite nice as well!

I hope you enjoyed my autumnal post as much as I love autumn!! Look out for another exciting post on Friday!

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