Whitelines Notebook Review

In my ‘Study With Me #3’ post, I briefly mentioned the Whitelines notebook I was using for my revision materials. I thought it would be a really good idea to do a full review on it as it is something a little bit different. Firstly let’s begin with some context, Whitelines’ aim is to have non-distracting notes. They say ‘black lines distract’. Their notebooks consist of grey pages with white lines, hence the name Whitelines. The notebooks come in A4 and A5 sizes with a choice of lined, grid or I think you may be able to get dotted now! Also, there’s a app called Whitelines Link which you can get on the iOS app store (iOS 7.2.2 + required) and Google Play Store for Android (Android 4.x + required) which allows you to ‘go digital’ as such. More on that later! Let’s see if this notebook lived up to my expectations:

Whitelines Notebook

I have the Whitelines A4 Grid notebook and it’s true what they say, black lines DO distract! When I heard about these notebooks I thought that they’d be great for mindmaps as I’d have the lines to keep my writing straight, but I wouldn’t have the dark lines cutting through the information and thus distracting me. And I was right, they are so non-distracting! I can actually focus on what I have written instead of having to look at the dark lines as well. I find this notebook works a treat for my revision materials for Psychology, and more recently my final shoot plans for Photography but I probably wouldn’t use it for making class notes. I’m not sure whether it’s because it’s squared and not lines, or if it’s because in-class I prefer to just have ordinary lined paper.

The paper quality is good; I find that I can write on both sides of the page. It tears out neatly too. The only criticism I would have is that it is not hole punched. This isn’t actually a problem for me because I just keep it all in the book so I know where it is, or I tear it out to put in my Photography Sketchbook. I know some people like putting things into folders though.

About that app, yes, the app links your notebook to the digital world! Cool, right? The app is effectively a scanner, but you can organise your scans and also send them directly to email, Dropbox or Evernote! The best part is, is that it scans so cleanly! When it is scanned, it removes the lines and shows a clean white background! It’s quite clever and super useful for those who like storing their notes digitally. May I add, this app is free!


Overall, I would definitely recommend this notebook! It’s so clever and interesting, and like I say works great for revision! It retails a touch on the expensive side as far as notebooks go but I honestly think it is worth it! You can get it on Amazon (Prime) for £6.50, but I have seen it for less elsewhere. Here are the Amazon links though, if you’re interested:

Whitelines A4 Squared Notebook
Whitelines A4 Lined Notebook

For more information you should check out the Whitelines Website here.

I hope you enjoyed my Whitelines Review. This isn’t the post I was actually going to write, I thought of it a little bit last minute!

Thanks for reading!

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