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What Jess Wore: 1st Day of College


It’s Wednesday so that means… NEW POST!

On Monday I started College, like, officially and I thought I’d share what I wore on my first day because I haven’t actually done a fashion-y post yet so, here we are!

This is what I wore…. I’m wearing a grey jumper, black leggings, white socks, burgundy converse and a top underneath. I chose to wear this because I felt that it was quite comfortable but also quite fashionable.

These are my shoes. I chose to wear white socks so that they matched and I rolled up my leggings a bit because they’re too big!

This is the top I wore underneath, It’s quite simple but I like it!

On my wrist, I’m wearing a fitbit alta!

Here’s where my clothes are from:

Jumper – Primark (Can’t remember how much it cost!!)

Top- Superdry  http://www.superdry.com £19 I think?

Leggings- Topshop  http://www.topshop.com £12

Socks- Next Kids http://www.next.co.uk (Don’t know how much!!)

Shoes (I actually got on ebay but here’s another link) http://www.schuh.co.uk/womens/converse-all-star-oxford-burgundy-trainers/1902723270/ £45

Fitbit- Next http://www.next.co.uk £100

I hope you enjoyed my first fashion post! Sorry if it is a bit boring!

See yah


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