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What I’m Doing At University #1

I’ve mentioned a few times now that I was going to do a post about my university plans, and now I’ve decided to do it! No, I haven’t yet applied for university yet. Applications can be submitted from the 5th September and they have to be in by the 15th January. However, I have chosen the courses I want to apply for (You can choose up to five!) and I’ve near enough finished my application. I thought that now would be a good time to explain some of my future plans as in September 2019, I could begin pursuing them! Obviously it is still early days, anything could happen. Of course, I’ll be updating you along the way, but this is what I’ve got so far:

My University Plans

You’ve probably seen my University Open Days post where I mentioned that I already knew where I wanted to go prior to the open days, but I didn’t say where! The university I have chosen to apply for is the University of Sussex. Out of the three I visited, I liked Sussex the most. It’s closest to home, it offers the courses I want to do and it’s a good, well respected university. The other two, unfortunately, didn’t get that adrenaline running so much even though they are also great universities and lots of students love them. Sussex is the place for me though, I can feel it. I’m planning to go back to another open day in September or October so I can find out as much information as possible before I need to focus on passing my A Levels.

I want to live my first year in university halls. I know it’ll be tough living away from home and my parents, but I feel like I’ll be able to absorb myself and appreciate university life more. Obviously, having not applied yet, I haven’t applied for accommodation either. That’ll come in another update! I want to able to adjust and get in a proper routine in my first year, when not much matters, before I get chucked in the deep end! If all else fails, I’m only an hour and half away on the train, or half an hour by car.

Now for the important bit, choices! Choosing courses was tough for me because I’m not going to come out of college with three A Levels, which is the entry requirement for most courses. I’m coming out with two full A Levels (Photography and Psychology), an AS Level (Biology) and an EPQ (Psychology based, worth an AS Level). So, I’ll have the equivalent of three A Levels, but I won’t actually have three A Levels. It’s complicated. I have used up all five of my course choices, and they’re all for the University of Sussex. My five choices are Biomedical Science BSc, Medical Neuroscience BSc, Psychology Bsc, Biosciences Foundation Year and Psychology Foundation Year. I have to apply for the two foundation years because I have to accept that I don’t, and won’t, meet the exact entry requirements for the full bachelor degrees from the get-go. I spoke with someone from admissions and they said that I should apply for the full courses too as I might be able to go in as a special case (as I didn’t choose to drop my third A Level). This way it saves me from having to go into clearing, or adjustment on results day.

My top choice is Biomedical Science, or the Bioscience Foundation Year if I don’t make it straight on. The foundation year allows me to get my skills up in order to partake in the full degree (in my case it could be either Biomedical Science or Medical Neuroscience) after successfully completing the year. If I do Biomedical Science, I would ideally like to go on to do Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM) at Brighton & Sussex Medical School, or St George’s University, London. This is what I really want to do, but of course I have alternative options if this doesn’t go as planned.

I chose Medical Neuroscience as well as Biomedical Science because having my full Psychology A Level means I have a better chance of getting onto the course as it is one of the entry requirements. I can still go on to do GEM from here, but I chose Biomedical Science over this because I think that I’d be more interested in it, and it’d be more useful. But this course certainly holds a lot of interest for me too, otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen it.

Then there’s Psychology. I’m good at Psychology and it’s currently my favourite subject, but it’s now serving as my back up plan. Psychology is my back up plan because ideally I won’t need the foundation year in this course (though I’m still applying to be on the safe side) and so I can get straight onto it. I don’t think I want to make Psychology my career though, as my as I enjoy it. I wouldn’t turn it down if there was absolutely no way of getting onto my top choices though. I wouldn’t be unhappy, it’s still medical related and I can still help people, which is my prime goal I guess.

I’m trying everything I can to get onto my top choice. I’m doing hospital work experience, I’m teaching myself A Level Chemistry (the college won’t allow me to take up another course, not without dropping photography anyway which would leave me with only one A Level) and I’m going to be delving deep into some Biochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry Future Learn courses. So, nobody can say I didn’t try!

This is all I know at the moment, I’ll be sure to write updates as the situation progresses! My UCAS application is pretty much ready to go, just got to polish off those final details in my Personal Statement!

Thanks for reading – what are your future plans?


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