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The Joni Jeans Edit

Oh wow, ok, I haven’t done a fashion post is aggggesss! I thought that now was a good a time as any! I actually wrote most of this post a while ago and I never got round to finishing it, but it’s here now LOOK:

The Joni Jeans Edit

There was a period of time, where for yearrsssss I did not want to wear jeans. I found them restricting and uncomfortable and they never seemed to fit me properly. But that was until I discovered THESE jeans! You may have heard of them, the ever famous, popular Topshop Super High Waisted Joni Jeans! They are the most comfortable and stretchiest pair of jeans I have ever owned, it’s almost like wearing leggings! I mean, yeah okay, there’s a bit of a price tag (being Topshop and everything) but honestly it is worth it. They are the best jeans I’ve ever had; they make me actually want to wear jeans!

The sizing I find useful as well because, although it does correlate, it’s not your standard women’s UK sizing. Instead of something being size 10 for instance, it will have the actual waist measurement in inches, in this case 28. I find this sooo much easier because I don’t really know which ‘standard’ size I am as it varies by retailer generally! There’s also the leg length sizes, also in inches! So you can wear them if you’re petite, tall, or right in the middle! For instance, one of the pairs I have is a 28” leg, which actually makes it petite, but it means that it sits just above my ankle without having to roll them up. I also have a couple of 30” leg, which I do roll up slightly! So how do I style them?

I tend to style them with a sweatshirt, which means they’re perfect almost all year round (in England anyway!)! At the moment, it’s a bit warm to wear jeans at all, but any other time they’re ideal! They also go well with a good ‘ol crop top too, especially as they’re so high waisted! I like wearing either my Converse, Vans or Adidas trainers with them as I think the styles go well together!

One of the only criticisms I would have is the price tag! Although I said it’s worth it, most people can’t justify it! I have tried a few other brands as well and even though Topshop tops them all (pun intended!), I found that Matalan came a close second, with a much more comfortable price tag!

The only other criticism I would have is that the black fades quite quick unfortunately! Luckily I quite like the washed black look, but I know that others don’t like it so much! Honestly though, I’d definitely recommend these to anyone, and similar ones too! I find the style comfortable, and these ones have the added bonus of being extra stretchy!

If you’re interested in a pair, because they’re amazing, you can find them in store of online at topshop.com!

This post is slightly different than any other fashion post I’ve done before! Let me know if I did okay!! I hope to do more fashion posts in the future, but it really isn’t my area of expertise!

Thanks for reading – what’s your favourite item of clothing?


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