Study With Me: Summer Edition

What have I done this summer?

Ah, long time no post! I don’t know why I’ve been so awful at this lately, I guess everything just caught up with me! Now though, I present to you my Summer Study With Me! I was set a lot of homework to do before September and I thought that I’d take you through what I’ve completed, and what I’ve still got to do in the remaining fortnight!

I go back to college on the 10th September and I won’t know my timetable probably until the day before, so I need everything to be fully prepared for the first day back! I have a very long, comprehensive to-do list to work through, so how much have I done?

Study With Me: Summer Edition


For Psychology I had to firstly complete revision summaries for all the Year One topics. Luckily I got through a fair few of these when I was revising for my exam, but as it turns out I still have a fair few to do! I’ve got through s few but now I need to focus on two specific topics (Issues & Debates and Approaches) as they were specified on the HW sheet.

I also had to buy the Year Two textbook, which I’d already done so that’s one thing checked off the list! I had to arrange my notes into three different folders by exam, and luckily I’d already started doing that before the summer too! I like to read ahead as well, but I’m still yet to do that!


For photography, I was required to bring my sketchbook up to date, complete six shoots and complete any relevant research. So far, I have completed ONE shoot (go me!!) and one piece of research, but my book is as up to date as it can be at this point. Before September 10th, I need to complete 5 shoots and a few more pieces of research! This isn’t as daunting as it sounds, I can get up to three shoots done in a day, provided I’ve planned them!

One requirement was to visit as expedition as a part of the research! This is something I HAVE done! Me and my friend, Alicia visited the Tate Modern in London at the end of July! I have also completed the page in my book!


From what I have gathered using the college VLE, I have found that I need to complete a worksheet and a poster on Cell Ultrastructure by September. I have started both, and I’m also making notes from the text book! I should probably complete this though because I’m starting AS Biology for the first time in September and I want to make a good impression!

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

I’m doing the EPQ as part of my second year studies to boost my UCAS points as I’m only going to have two full A Levels, and an AS. This way I’m going in on the same level as everyone else! The EPQ is basically a dissertation type thing where you research a question that you’ve chosen. You can either write a 5000 word essay, and do a presentation, or create an artefact, an 1000 word essay and a presentation. I’ve gone with the latter (the essay!)!

My chosen question is quite controversial I think. I’m going to debating whether ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a ‘real disorder’. I believe that is it, but there’s been arguments about it in the past! My EPQ summer advisor, who also just happens to be my Psychology teacher, suggested that I complete 90% of my research over the summer holidays! After a slow start I believe that I’m well underway with that!


I don’t do A Level Chemistry and I’m not going to, but I am teaching myself bits of it because I think it’ll be useful for university! I’m also doing a FutureLearn course in Biochemistry and in October I’ll be doing one on Medicinal Chemistry too!

Bullet Journal

Not strictly studying, I know! I just wanted to let you know that I started bullet journalling again this summer after winning a giveaway from @LeafGraphPaper on Instagram! Expect to see Bullet Journal posts and videos soon!


Finally, for tutorial, I’m required to have a full draft of my UCAS statement by the 10th of September. I believe that mine is pretty much complete but I don’t really know who my tutor is going to be because apparently she’s gone on long term sick leave! Guess I’ll find out!

I hope you enjoyed my summer edition Study With Me! As you can probably tell, I’m going to be a bit busy over the next couple of weeks!

Thanks for reading – what did you do this summer?



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