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Study With Me #3

It’s that time again, time for another Study With Me! I thought I’d update you again with what I’ve been doing college-wise, especially as I took yet ANOTHER unexpected break from blogging! I’m currently in the process of making another Study With Me video, but it isn’t complete yet! Anyway, let’s get on with the post:


In Psychology, I’ve just started the final unit of the year in class. It’s called Psychopathology and it covers Definitions of Abnormality as well as characteristics, explanations and treatment for Phobias, Depression and OCD. I find it very interesting! As soon as that is finished I can start revising for my Transfer Exam, the exam I have to pass in order to get into the second year! Previously though, I have been covering the Approaches in Psychology, and biopsychology.

These (above) are some of the notes I have written within the ‘Psychopathology’ topic. I haven’t quite finished it yet but I definitely will have by the time I do another one of these posts!

Here are some revision resources I’ve created ready for the exam already:

Except the top one, all of these are written in my Whitelines notebook. Whitelines is great because it’s a grey background with white lines and so it’s non distracting! There’s also an app that goes with it! I think I’m going to do a separate post with a review for it!

As for my grades, my last known grade is an A (woop!), however, I totally flopped a test last Friday (16th March) and so I thought I’d failed! It wasn’t that bad, I got a C! I think that’s it for Psychology for now!


I didn’t share much photography last time, but now I have taken a lot more photographs so that I can share what I have done with you! It’s nearing deadline day now (27th April) and so I’ve had to ‘take the project in my own direction’. The project being the Environment project that I have been working on all year! I’ve decided to focus on ‘Perspective’ in the rural environment.

For my first shoot, I bought a bunch of flowers and photographed them using a macro lens, for the second shoot I went to a local national trust place and photographed some of the trees (in the snow!). Next I am going to focus on water droplets using the macro lens, and after that I’m going to look at reflections! I’ve decided for my final shoot I am going to do a similar shoot that I did with the flowers, but I’m going to heavily improve on it! After that it’s time to hand in! Scary!

Before looking at perspective, I did shot based on Pattern, Macro and a photographer called John Clang:

That’s it for Photography! I’ll update you all again in a later post!


I’m technically not doing a Biology qualification at the moment, however I am going to be starting AS level Biology in September and I want to get a head start! I haven’t done much so far, but I’ve picked myself up a textbook and a new notebook and soon I’m going to start doing some notes! I’m actually quite excited! Obviously, there’ll be a much longer Biology update in my next Study With Me post!


In my last Study With Me¬†post, I announced that I was in the process of starting up an Etsy store, named Jess Studies. Well, now I’m happy to announce that I’m Open For Business! There’s only one listing on there currently which is a to – do list pack (See the linked post for details) but I am looking at also selling some motivational prints I have created and more student resources! If you’re interested please check out my store HERE¬†

You can also follow my study instagram if you enjoy posts like this! It’s @jess_studies_

Wow, I guess that is it for this post! I apologise for not posting when I’m meant to…. I really need to work on writing more posts in advance! I’m quite active on my blog’s instagram stories (@jessblogs) if you’re interested, though!

Thank you for reading, I appreciate it! Bye for now!


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