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START BLOGGING: WordPress.com VS Blogger

Yesterday, I hopefully inspired you to come up with and idea about what you would like your blog to be about and a name. Today I am going to be talking you through the two biggest free blogging platforms that you can use to host your blog! Firstly there’s WordPress.com, Secondly there’s Blogger. Let’s get started!


WordPress.com is a simple platform to use to start up your small blog. There’s hundreds of free themes to choose from so you can find one that suit your style. It is up-gradable too.


  • Hundreds of free themes
  • Free
  • Can be upgraded for more storage/custom domain/customisation
  • Reliable
  • Detailed website analytics included even in the free plan!
  • Easy to move you blog across to Self Hosted WordPress (wordpress.org, more to come on that tomorrow!)


  • Limited customisation
  • WordPress advertising
  • [name].wordpress.com domain
  • Limited storage if you have a lot of photos
  • No ‘third party’ plug ins can be installed (EG if you wanted a widget with your instagram feed and it’s not included in the theme)
  • Can be expensive to upgrade

WordPress is nice for first starting a blog, or if you want to go self hosted (find out what that means tomorrow!). It’s up to you though, do the pros outweigh the cons? I personally didn’t get along with it but it was soooo useful when I moved to my current blog because it meant that none of my content was lost!


Blogger was bought by Google several years back and so all you need is a google account to set it up! I was on Blogger for a long time and I liked it more than WordPress.com.


  • Free for ever!
  • Many more customisation options (Basic unless you have an A level in computer science….)
  • Some Third Party themes and widgets (you can download them)
  • Super simple interface, a five year old could do it.
  • Some simple website analytics
  • Powered by Google (Search engine will find it easily)
  • Easy to connect to Google Analytics
  • Can use custom domain for free


  • [name].blogspot.co.uk domain
  • ACTUALLY TERRIBLE MOBILE APP, in fact it was so out of date it probably doesn’t exist anymore!
  • No reliable customer support
  • Some may argue it’s too simple (eg no ability to add homepage or dramatically change layout)
  • Under threat as it’s not Google’s biggest priority

I much prefer Blogger over WordPress.com, but that’s just my opinion. You may prefer the latter! Tomorrow you can find out why I’m using neither of them and find out whether the way I went is the right way for you to go too!

I’ve added as much information as I could about the two platforms, mainly from experience. It should be quite simple to make a decision about which one you prefer! There’s other sites too such as Weebly and Wix which are primarily website designers but do blogs too. I didn’t find them as easy or professional to use, but you’re welcome to give them a go! Pipdig apparently have an excellent blogger to wordpress migration thing, which may prove useful if you want to move from one to the other!

Tomorrow I will be answering the question: Should you go self-hosted?

See you then!


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  1. 10th January 2018 / 11:46 am

    I was on Blogger for years and that was fine, but it was definitely limiting. Now I’m self-hosted and I just think it’s so much better!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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