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So today, I’ve decided to do a review….. of Mug Food… Interesting. I tested them to see if they were worth their convenience!

In case you didn’t know mug food is a form of food designed specifically to be eaten out of a mug. I’m doing a review of three different types: Mug Shot (Pasta), Cup A Soup and Pud in a Mug. Quick Disclaimer, all these views are my own and no I’m not being paid to give a good opinion. My unhealthy bank balance of £0.91 proves this, I think!

First up, Mug Shot:

Mug Shot, a convenient pasta meal, ready in five minutes? Is it too good to be true? I have to admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for the Tomato and Herb Mug Shot (above). For a five minute mug pasta meal, it ain’t half bad is it? It comes in different flavours though and I have to admit, as much as I flippin love Mac n’ Cheese, I wasn’t a massive fan of the Mug Shot Mac n’ Cheese but I guess for under a quid and ready in five minutes, it is what it is! My mum had the blue one, I think it’s Chow Mein or something and I think she liked that! Oh yeah, all you have to do is add a splash of boiling water, stir, leave it to stand for for five minutes and bob’s your uncle (or whatever that expression is). It ain’t perfect but for the sake of five minutes, you can’t fault it much! I’m now going to rate the Tomato and Herb one:

Convenience: 7/10 (very quick, easy)

Taste: 7/10 (I like this one but not some of the other flavours)

OVERALL RATING: 4/5 STARS (I like it, it’s clever and easy and makes a nice meal when you’re a bit mehh)

Next up is Cup A Soup:

Just like the Mug Shot, this is quick and easy, no faff required. Just add hot water and leave it to stand for a few minutes. These also come in different flavours, this is a tomato and vegetable one but I also have chicken and vegetable and there’s a few others too! When I tested it to write about, I was having one of those days where everything tastes weird and nothing is appealing (thinking about it now, I probably chose a bad time!) so I now need to pretend what it would actually be like. Again, for the sake of five minutes if you need something quick, its perfect. It tastes slightly watery because it’s not exactly like real soup but can’t fault it otherwise. I like to pair soup with some crusty bread and it works well with this kind of soup too so that’s a plus!

Convenience: 8/10 (good, quick meal)

Taste: 8/10 (I prefer proper soup but this is a good quick alternative)

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 Stars (not much to fault for what it is)

Last but definitely not least, Pud in a Mug!

The only one I’ve tested is the Chocolate Chip sponge cake one, but again, it comes in different flavours such as chocolate and sticky toffee pudding. Some supermarkets do their own ones as well. I have to admit, I’m quite a fan of this! For a cake that takes 90 seconds it’s like heaven on earth! All you do is add a splash of milk, and stick it in the microwave! Admittedly not the best cake ever, but for what it is and the convenience *mwah*. I’ve had this twice and the first time it was a little soggy, I think I needed to let it cool for a couple of minutes first! The second time, I did, and it was soooososo much better. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I even added a small scoop of ice cream for that extra kick! Nom! This is probably my favourite out of the three and I’m excited to try the other flavours.

Convenience: 9/10 (a hot pudding in 1.5 minutes, yes please!)

Taste: 9/10 (when left to cool slightly and cooked perfectly)

OVERALL RATING: 5 stars!! (and the best part is, it’s less than £1!)

These are available at any good supermarket (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, CoOp Etc.) for less than one pound! (Except the Cup a Soup but it comes in a pack of 4) See the links for Tesco (the prices vary but are very similar in all supermarkets):

Tesco- Choc Chip Pud in a Mug 

Tesco- Sticky Toffee Pudding Pud in a Mug

Tesco- Choc Cake Pud in a Mug

I’m not adding all the flavours but here’s Tesco- Tomato and Herb Mug Shot

Tesco- Tomato Cup a Soup (again I’m not adding all the flavours there’s so many!)

Hope you get inspired to try some of these, they’re quite good really!

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