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My Transfer Exam Results 2018

As you may or may not know, I received my results for the first year of college yesterday and I thought I’d share them with you. I also got my report yesterday. For those who don’t know, or have forgotten, I currently do two A Level subjects; Photography and Psychology. My Photography result I’m about to share with you is the overall mark from the project that I have been working on for the whole of my first year. I’d say that it was quite a representative grade! My Psychology result is from the end of year (Transfer) exam that I sat on the 14th May which covered (near enough) everything I’ve learnt in the first year… So, here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, my results:

My Transfer Exam Results



I received a B in Photography, which is my target grade. Ideally, I was hoping to achieve a slightly better grade, if I’m being honest, as some of my key assessments have been marked A. I guess it means that I need to work extra extra hard in my project next year (which I’ve just started!)!

In my report, my teacher explained that I needed to use class time more effectively, and talk about the meaning of photographs not just what I see. She said that my sketchbook was nice too! It was mentioned that I would be good if I were to carry on with a creative subject at University.



I received a C in Psychology, which again is actually my target grade. I also hoped to get a better grade than I did, especially as I got a high B (88%) in the mock exam and A’s in in-class tests. However, I’d say this grade isn’t completely representative of my abilities as I was ill in the two weeks leading up to the exam and so I didn’t actually revise. Luckily, I’ve been revising over the course of the year!

In my report, my teacher said that she was impressed with my attitude to learning, my consistency, my motivation and results (I have literally no idea where she got that from haha!!). She said absolutely nothing against me; I’m kinda in shock. Additionally, she said that if I kept at this standard I could continue to degree level!

So, what’s next?

On Monday, I have to go to an interview with my tutor to enrol into the second year. As well as continuing Photography; where I’ll be focusing on product photography, and Psychology; where I’ll be learning the A2 spec, I will also be taking on an additional AS Level in Biology, an EPQ focusing on ADHD and independent (not examined or taught) study of AS Chemistry. (as it will be useful for University!)

I’m going to explain all of this in a separate post properly, but for University I’m aiming to get ABB(B) at least, with an A or B in Photography, B at the very least in Psychology, B in Biology and A or B in the Extended Project (EPQ).

I hope you enjoyed my Transfer Exam Results post! I was hoping to do a little better but it’s not like it’s the real thing!

Thanks for reading

HP Sprocket Review

This isn’t the post I’d planned to do today, but this is the post I’ve now decided to do! You may have seen on my Instagram (@jessblogs) story that I went into town (specifically Argos), and I said that you’d see a review of what I’d bought… but I didn’t tell you what it was! Surprise! This is what I went into town for… The HP Sprocket!

For those of you who don’t know, the HP Sprocket is a small, handheld photo printer that you can connect to your smartphone. I’ve been saving up for a while, and today I finally went and bought one! I was so excited to try it out when I got home, and I was even more excited to write this review! So, may I present to you… My HP Sprocket Review:

HP Sprocket Review

The Printer

Aforementioned earlier, the HP Sprocket is a small photo printer capable of connecting to your smartphone (via Bluetooth) using the HP Sprocket app, which is available on both iOS (9 or later) and Android (KitKat (4.4) or later). There are three colours to choose from: White, Black and Red. As you can probably tell I chose the white one; I felt that it was pretty and aesthetically pleasing. It is very compact, which is handy, as it’s not much bigger than my iPhone SE. It comes with a USB charging lead and 10 sheets of the paper it takes. The HP Sprocket takes Zink paper, which means that the printer doesn’t actually require ink! The size of the paper is 2 by 3 inches. The device prints very quickly and connects to my phone with no problems!

It retails at approximately £100-£120, and Argos currently have a deal where you can get a free bag/holder/pouch (I can’t think of what it’s really called!) which would normally be £7.99!

The Photos

I printed three photos from my phone’s camera roll for the purpose of the review (don’t worry, they were photos I was going to print anyway). As I said, they printed nice and quickly and instantly dried! I think that they’re a perfect size for pinning up on a notice board! What you may not know is that you can peel the backing off of the photos to create a sticker! Who wants to start scrapbooking now?!

I’ll admit, the photos aren’t the most a m a z i n g quality ever, but you have to weigh it up. It’s not meant to be a means of printing photos professionally, if you want that, go to Jessops! It’s a way of sharing and keeping memories, I think! I’m definitely taking this when I go to University next year (September 2019) because I think it’ll be really good for capturing and printing memories, both old and new!

The App

Last but not least, let’s talk about the app! The app is completely free and allow you to connect your phone to the printer! But, that’s not it! You can also add filters, stickers and borders to your photos to make them really stand out against anything else! Fun Fact: if your photo is a Live Photo (iOS), you can scan your printed photo to see it come alive (using AR effects). The app is pretty straightforward to use and I experienced no crashes or lagging.


Overall, I think that this is a really nifty little device and I’d definitely recommend it – especially if you’re one for taking lots of photos with your friends! Yes, the paper can appear expensive, but I find that it’s better value for money if you buy more packs at a time!

I hope you enjoyed my HP Sprocket review! There’s going to be another (you lucky souls!) new post tomorrow where I am going to be sharing with you my exam results (which I get at 5PM today!).

Thanks for reading – what’s your favourite photo product?

Happy 1st Birthday Blog!

It’s My One Year Blogiversary!

Over the course of the last year, I have had: 3300 page views, managed to accumulate 704 combined social media following and I have published 114 posts! I think we have an awful lot to celebrate today! A year ago today, I started blogging…

Actually that’s a lie. I’ve been blogging since the dark ol’ year of 2014, I believe! But today we’re celebrating the highs and the lows of the past year, when I started on this blog and I really started to take blogging seriously. In the past I’ve had a couple of blogs with a few posts thrown together here and there, but this day last year is when it really started. Everything I’d learned, albeit very gradually, came together and ‘Jess Louise’ as we know it today was born!

I remember the day quite vividly. It was the day after I’d finished my last GCSE exam (Business & Communication Systems, Unit 8) and I was reading over my (now non-existent) blog and decided I was ready for a change. It’d been the same for years and I was going to be starting a new College with new, and older, people and I thought that my blog needed to grow up too. So, I created a WordPress.com account and, voila, the early evolutionary stage of my new ‘Jess Louise’ arose! It took me no longer than two months after that to take the ‘Self Hosted Plunge’ so to speak. I had, and still have, big ambitions for this little space of the internet so I knew that it was going to be worth it. I still stand by that today as one of the best decisions I probably ever made! (as for my A level choices this time last year, ehhhh nope).

Here’s to the next year of ‘Jess Louise’! I hope that you’ll continue to follow me on my journey. I’m hoping to share even more about my experiences as a college student, the university application process and things that I love within the next year! I’m actually so excited to see what’s going to to come out of this when I’m writing this post this time next year! Literally anything could happen!

Tell me, what has been your favourite post? What has been your least favourite? Is there anything I could change about my little corner of the internet? Your opinion matters to me and it is in my best interests to keep you engaged as readers. Which leads me on to, do you have any post suggestions or anything else you’d like to hear more about? Perhaps I’d mentioned something once which gripped your interest, or perhaps there’s a particular style of post you really like? Whatever it is, tell me! Let’s keep ‘Jess Louise’ going for another year!

My goals for the next year include keeping up with my posting schedule. There, unfortunately, has been several occasions where I have come off track a bit in publishing my post. This is mainly due to lack of organisation, but some were due to unforeseen circumstances. Whereas I can’t minimise things that can happen that prevent me from posting, I can strive to be more organised, and my Dot Creates Ultimate Blog Planner will certainly be assisting me with that.

Anyway, thanks for sticking by me for the past year – or longer! I’m excited to see where we will go next and who else will come and join our ride!

Thanks for reading – as always…

5 Ways To Use Washi Tape

If you know me at all, it’s likely that you have experienced my love for Washi Tape. Washi Tape is essentially patterned or coloured sticky tape, and it’s more versatile than you think! I did a post similar to this on an old blog, so it’s due an upgrade! Here are five ways you can use Washi Tape:

5 Ways To Use Washi Tape

1 – Identify Your Belongings

Does everyone in your household own the same pair of earphones? Do you never know whether you’ve picked up yours or your brothers. Here’s the answer to all your problems – washi tape! Wrap a small piece of tape around the bit that sit just under your ear and voila, your earphones are instantly recognisable! This nifty trick works for other objects too – perhaps your favourite pen?

2 – Pimp Your Stuff

That sounds a bit weird but do you ever get a brand new notebook for school and then you find that actually, it’s a bit boring… Washi Tape saves the day again! A small bit of tape can have it looking fabulous in no time at all!

3 – Become The Bullet Journal Queen, or King… Or whatever the non-binary version is…

Bullet Journals and Washi Tape is a match made in heaven! I find that this tape can brighten up any spread if used in the right way!

4 – Divide your Pages

Cut of a bit of washi, and tah dah, you have yourself a page/folder divider! Who need Post-It with their fancy stuff, when you can use all sorts of weird and wonderful washi tape! You can also stick a small piece of paper on the back to stop it sticking to everyone and everything!

5 – What wire goes where?

Have you got a bunch of wires coming out your extension lead and you have no clue which one leads to what? Washi is your saviour yet again! Wrap a piece around the wire and pinch the end together to make them stick. You could cut a triangle into it so that it looks like a flag! You could also write on it what the wire is meant to be for (that would probably be helpful!)

So, there’s some ideas to get you going! I’ll probably do another Washi Tape post in the future – look out for that! I hope you enjoyed my post!

If you’d like to get some, I know that Hobbycraft is a good place to go! Alternatively, there is Amazon and eBay!

Thanks for reading – which one of these do you think you’ll use?

The Disney Tag

I’ve never done a ‘tag’ post as such on here before, but my friend Ellen (ellengblogs.blogspot.co.uk) did one on her blog (this one actually!) and it kinda inspired me! A tag post is essentially like a Q&A, but you don’t need to rely on people to ask you questions, instead you’re meant to be tagged to do it. I wasn’t but let’s not get bogged down in the details here! I’m going to be using the same questions that she used (but not all 30) because I don’t know where she found them, so here is ‘The Disney Tag’:

The Disney Tag:

Q1: Favourite Animal?

This is a hard one because aren’t MOST of them animals. I like Stitch, he’s cute but I’m not entirely sure whether I’d be able to pass him off as an animal or not, never mind! Oh, and Perry The Platypus. He’s funny!

Q2: Favourite Original Character?

Mickey Mouse – isn’t that everyone’s favourite? Or Minnie Mouse!

Q3: Favourite Theme Park?

Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, I’ve only been to Paris (post HERE) so I can’t compare to any others. So Paris is my favourite!

Q4: Favourite Theme Park Attraction?

At Disney Paris, there were a lot of rides that I went on more than once. I can’t pick one specific favourite!

Q5: The First Disney Movie you saw?

I want to say Piglet’s Big Movie…..

Q6: Favourite sequel?

I don’t think I have a favourite sequel as such. The first ones always make the most sense I think! Although, I like Monsters University/Monsters Inc. (Monsters Inc. being the sequel of Monsters University!)

Q7: Favourite Song?

Probably something from High School Musical to be honest. They’re the kind of songs that I think are meant to be catchy and sung along to.

Q8: Favourite Pixar Film?

Not sure, there’s so many to choose from! There’s Toy Story, Inside Out, Up, Monsters Inc./University, Finding Nemo/Dory, Cars. I couldn’t choose…

Q9: Saddest Death?

The one that comes to me now is Ellie in Up because Carl was so happy with her, and they had all these dreams and then she just died and I don’t think he coped very well.

Q10: Underrated Movie?

I don’t really think any of them are underrated at such, they’ve all been relatively popular. But I think maybe the classics should come back into play a little bit. There’s a lot of focus on all the modern films!

I think I’ll leave it there at 10 questions, turns out I know less about Disney Films that I thought I did. It was a bit of a train-wreak wasn’t it?  Don’t worry, I’m embarrassed too! If you want to have a go, feel free to say that I tagged you. You can find more questions on Ellen’s post here.

Thanks for reading! – Do you like Disney?

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