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November Lookback


First of all I’m verrry sorry about this post being SO late! I’ve been ill a little bit and I’ve been vvvvv busy at college so I never got a chance to write and post this post…. but I’m doing it now!

So yeah, a November Lookback! I’ve seen other bloggers do this so I thought I’d give it a try, although I seem to have named this post wrong… It probably should be called ‘My Favourite Outfits in November’ because that’s essentially what it is… Never mind! *insert laughy face emoji*

Let’s get on with this now you’ve waited so long! My first outfit is actually one I bought in Oxford Street when I went for my birthday. It’s a pink jumper from New Look and the Jeans (Joni to be specific) are from Topshop! I’ve paired them with my Maroon Converse:

For Reference: Jumper Size 8 Jeans W28 L30

My second outfit is with the same jeans, however I have paired them with a red cropped sweatshirt from Primark this time, which gives a different look:

For Reference: Jumper Size 6/8 Jeans W28 L30

My third outfit is slightly different, this time I have a sweatshirt from Primark and My Nike Pro Leggings which I got from Sports Direct (most likely in the sale!). This outfit has a sporty-er look than the others I think!

For Reference: Jumper Size 8 maybe?? Leggings Age 13

My fourth and final outfit is probably my newest outfit out of them all. It’s a grey roll neck jumper and a red cord pinafore, both from Primark! I like this because you can stay warm as you can wear a jumper under the dress!

For Reference: Top Size 6 Dress Size 10

Yep, that was my attempt at a ‘Lookback’ Post… And before you start, yes I know the photos are terrible! They were taken in my back garden with a nice shot of the garden waste bin in most of them, but unless you want to wait another 500 years for a post, that’s the best you’re going to get right now! Sorry!

I’m still going to attempt to do Blogmas the best I can, posting everyday between the 13th and Christmas Day. But as for Vlogmas I’ve decided that I’m going to film over the 12 days and then upload it as one big video at the end because I really don’t think I’d be able to get them edited etc. on the same day, especially when I’m still at college, but I’ll have time at the end to edit it and post it a day or two after Christmas Day! Hopefully that’ll work out better!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this! There’s a good chance that there will be a post on Monday as I’ve already written it but we’ll have to see, and Blogmas starts on Wednesday yaayy!

See Ya


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