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My Trip to the Isle of Wight


So my last post was a bit of an introductory post really so that means that this is my first proper post! I thought that it would be nice to start with a post about a trip I’ve been on recently, very recently actually… I only came back today (Sunday 25th June 2017)! I went to the Isle of Wight, near Thorness Bay, with my mum, my dad and my best friend, Ellen and we stayed in a static caravan that my grandparents own (but they’re selling it very soon!).

DAY 1: Thursday 22nd June

On Thursday, we left home at about half past four/five ish to get to Portsmouth for the ferry, which was at six o clock, to Fishbourne (Isle of Wight). The ferry wasn’t that busy and I had a very nice (very hot!) hot chocolate. To get to the caravan it was about a half hour drive through Newport and down a long country road. Here’s the caravan, it isn’t one of the newest shiniest ones but it works just like any other:

 (It’s very close to the entertainment complex, which is an obvious plus!)

We went to Sainsbury’s and we just had ready meals for tea. I had a slice of my mum’s pizza, my dad had his own pizza and my friend had toad in the hole, which was slightly burnt surprisingly as at first we couldn’t even work out how to turn the oven on!

DAY 2: Friday 23rd June

On Friday, I went to the Needles which is a popular landmark attraction to the west coast of the island. Unfortunately it was very windy so I didn’t even attempt to get my camera out to take any photos! Shortly after we went to KFC for lunch in Newport as it’s one of my friend’s favourite! Ellen and I then went swimming in the on-site pool, which was surprisingly warm! For dinner, we went to a little restaurant on the coast called The Waterfront and I had a small steak (Yes it was from the kids menu, but let’s not get bogged down in the details, eh?). It was very nice! In the evening, we went to Yarmouth to take some photos:

Yarmouth 1

This was some kind of decking thing that went down into the sea

Yarmouth 2

Ellen’s feet in the stones

Yarmouth 3

A cross in the jetty that went out into the sea


Yarmouth 4

Bench on the jetty

DAY 3: Saturday 24th June

Saturday was busy! Firstly we visited the town of Sandown on the east coast of the island. Ellen and I did crazy golf on the pier and, of course, she won! I had an ice cream as we walked down the seafront too (very typical!!). We went to Shanklin next which was only a few minutes down the road and we had lunch in a small restaurant. I had a small cod and chips and it was very hot so I had to wait for it to cool down! We visited a chili shop (for my dad!) on the way back to the caravan and we also visited a shop with lots of little independent stalls in it. There was one that sold some very nice shortbread! For tea, we had a BBQ at the caravan, so,  I had a cheeseburger. Later, we went to Ventnor seafront to take, yet again, some more photos! (My dad is a photographer, you see, so all this photographing probably makes a whole lot more sense now!!)






DAY 4: Sunday 25th June

Today we all got up early and helped to tidy the caravan up so that it was nice for when my grandparents came as they were coming to stay, sort out and sell up the caravan later on in the morning (although they’re technically not selling it until Thursday 29th). We got to the ferry port early so we were allowed to go on an earlier ferry which was lucky, and in fact it was the exact same boat that we traveled to the island on which I found funny! I (again) had a hot chocolate on the ferry but I also had a chocolate muffin too (yep, it was my breakfast!)! Now I am at home and I need to catch up on lost sleep (yes, i had very late nights!) and also unpack!

All my photos, by the way, are unedited so apologies if they’re a bit dark or wonky! Also I promise I have lots of (probably more) interesting posts planned to share with you and I hope that you didn’t find this tooooo tedious to read!

I’ll post again sooooon <3


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