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My Trip To Devon

Ahh, long time no post! I’m sorry about that but I’m hoping to churn out a whole load of new and exciting posts over the summer, before making some slight changes in September. I’m going to start with a post all about my recent holiday to Devon!

For those who don’t know, Devon is a county located in the south west of England. Surrounding counties include: Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset. I went on a (static) caravan holiday (like I did in the Isle of Wight, if you remember that) to a Haven Park – Devon Cliffs, which is located near Exmouth and Exeter. Devon Cliffs is, apparently, the largest Haven park in Europe! Here’s what I got up to:

Day One: Monday 16th July 2018

I left home and travelled to Devon by car on Monday. It took a little longer than we expected it to take, but it was fine! We stopped at Cobham Services on the M25 for a McDonald’s breakfast, although I had a hot chocolate! On the surprisingly long journey, I whipped out my DS and rekindled my love for my Animal Crossing game and now I just can’t stop playing it! For those who are interested, I have both Animal Crossing: Wild World (ACWW, DS) and Animal Crossing: New Leaf (ACNL, 3DS)! It definitely kept me entertained on the way!

When we arrived at Devon Cliffs, we had to check-in at reception. This is where we were told what caravan we were in and where on the park it was, among other useful information. We were in an area of the park called Spruces, caravan 75. Spruces was about 10 minutes walk from the main complex and 7 ish minutes from the beach! We were lucky enough to stay in a deluxe caravan (basically slightly bigger) as we were staying in an ‘off-peak’ time (it was still term time!)! The caravan had three bedrooms , a bathroom, toilet, kitchen and living area and we also had a small balcony thing outside! It was nice!

My parent’s friend, and his son, who live in Exeter came down to see us and we decided to make use of the on-site facilities. There were a lot of on site facilities including a high ropes, mini golf, adventure playground, climbing wall, bungee trampolining and more! We went to the on-site swimming pool, which is both indoor and outdoor and has several slides/flumes! After a short swim, we visited the on-site Starbucks! I had a Vanilla Frappuccino as I was quite hot after swimming, and the weather was warm anyway!

When my parent’s friend left, we got dinner from Papa John’s Pizza – also conveniently located on-site! My mum and I shared a small margarita pizza and my dad had some kind of hot spicy pizza thing! After dinner, we had a quick walk down to the beach and I did some gymnastics on the beach! We didn’t do much upon returning, I think I went to bed!

Day Two: Tuesday 17th July 2018

On the Tuesday morning, I got up relatively early and walked down to Starbucks as it was one of the only places on site where I could get good WiFi! I took the opportunity to get a hot drink and have a sit down while browsing social media!  Once my parents were up, we decided to visit Exeter for the day!

In Exeter we looked around the shops and I managed to get 2 DS games in CEX for only £5! Bargain! For lunch we went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen! I had a vanilla milkshake and a children’s cheeseburger with a corn on the cob! I thought it was quite nice!

When we returned from Exeter, we went for a short walk around the holiday park to look at some of the viewpoints and for dinner we went to the on-site restaurant, the Mash and Barrel! I had a children’s spaghetti bolognese which I thought was tasty!

After tea, my mum and I watched Holby City and then I went to bed!

Day Three: Wednesday 18th July 2018

On Wednesday, I went to Starbucks again for ‘breakfast’! I had a hot drink and a brownie, because I am the absolute pinnacle of health!! (Haha, note the sarcasm) We decided to visit Torquay!

This was quite short lived, however! We looked around some shops and the marina and then decided that actually, we wanted to visit Paignton! At Paignton, we had some lunch! We went to a restaurant called the Inn On The Green and I had a children’s cheeseburger with mashed potato and peas! We then walked over to the beach to look around!

We relaxed for a while when we returned and then we went to dinner at another on site resturant – South Beach Cafe! I had Mini Mussels off of the children’s menu and apple pie for desert! It was nice, but very filling!

I don’t remember if we did much after that!!

Day Four: Thursday 19th July 2018

Last day of holiday! Of course, I got up and went to Starbucks in the morning, and then me and my parents had a game of mini golf! And guess what, I won!! After my victory, we had lunch at the Mash and Barrel restaurant. I had a children’s tuna sandwich, which came with some cucumber, carrots, red pepper and crisps. The best part? I got a free Frisbee! Whoop!

The pool was shut over lunch for kids activities, but once it reopened, me and my mum went swimming for a while! It was so fun! We went on the slides and we did some ‘water acro’ in the pool! When was got out we went to the very conveniently located (directly opposite) Millie’s Cookies and I had a vanilla milkshake and a chocolate chip cookie!

My mum did my hair and I binge-played Animal Crossing for a bit when we returned ( I unfortunately couldn’t binge watch Grey’s Anatomy as I didn’t have internet!). We went to the South Beach Cafe again for dinner as they had a new menu! I had another children’s cheeseburger with chips and beans!

After dinner, we packed a little to get ready to leave in the morning!

Day Five: Friday 20th July 2018

On Friday, I got to Starbucks for when it opened so that I could send my friend, Ellen (ellengblogs.blogspot.co.uk) a message for her birthday! I had to buy drinks for my parents too!

We left the park just after 9am and we went via Glastonbury town on the way back as my dad wanted to look around! We didn’t stay long though! We stopped at a couple of services and I, again, played Animal Crossing until my DS died! We got stuck in a bit of traffic but not for that long! Once I got home, I got ready to go to Ellen’s birthday party!!

I hope you enjoyed my latest travel post! If I can write fast enough, I’m hoping to get a new post out EVERY DAY until the 3rd August, where it would then continue to be two posts a week (Although I may do some extra ones from time to time!).

Thanks for reading – are you going on holiday?


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