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My Transfer Exam Results 2018

As you may or may not know, I received my results for the first year of college yesterday and I thought I’d share them with you. I also got my report yesterday. For those who don’t know, or have forgotten, I currently do two A Level subjects; Photography and Psychology. My Photography result I’m about to share with you is the overall mark from the project that I have been working on for the whole of my first year. I’d say that it was quite a representative grade! My Psychology result is from the end of year (Transfer) exam that I sat on the 14th May which covered (near enough) everything I’ve learnt in the first year… So, here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, my results:

My Transfer Exam Results



I received a B in Photography, which is my target grade. Ideally, I was hoping to achieve a slightly better grade, if I’m being honest, as some of my key assessments have been marked A. I guess it means that I need to work extra extra hard in my project next year (which I’ve just started!)!

In my report, my teacher explained that I needed to use class time more effectively, and talk about the meaning of photographs not just what I see. She said that my sketchbook was nice too! It was mentioned that I would be good if I were to carry on with a creative subject at University.



I received a C in Psychology, which again is actually my target grade. I also hoped to get a better grade than I did, especially as I got a high B (88%) in the mock exam and A’s in in-class tests. However, I’d say this grade isn’t completely representative of my abilities as I was ill in the two weeks leading up to the exam and so I didn’t actually revise. Luckily, I’ve been revising over the course of the year!

In my report, my teacher said that she was impressed with my attitude to learning, my consistency, my motivation and results (I have literally no idea where she got that from haha!!). She said absolutely nothing against me; I’m kinda in shock. Additionally, she said that if I kept at this standard I could continue to degree level!

So, what’s next?

On Monday, I have to go to an interview with my tutor to enrol into the second year. As well as continuing Photography; where I’ll be focusing on product photography, and Psychology; where I’ll be learning the A2 spec, I will also be taking on an additional AS Level in Biology, an EPQ focusing on ADHD and independent (not examined or taught) study of AS Chemistry. (as it will be useful for University!)

I’m going to explain all of this in a separate post properly, but for University I’m aiming to get ABB(B) at least, with an A or B in Photography, B at the very least in Psychology, B in Biology and A or B in the Extended Project (EPQ).

I hope you enjoyed my Transfer Exam Results post! I was hoping to do a little better but it’s not like it’s the real thing!

Thanks for reading


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  1. Grandma
    23rd June 2018 / 6:56 pm

    I thought your results were fantastic. I’m sure you’ll do really well next year. Congratulations xx

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