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My Top Ten Revision Tips!


I’m doing a post today that I think that I have done of every one of my previous blogs! Its always been popular so I thought that I’d do it on here too! I like to think that it is quite a useful and helpful post and I hope it will help some of you! I’m doing ‘My Top Ten Revision Tips’ which should be useful for those of you taking exams at some point, or just doing school/college/uni work in general. I always do these things whilst revising for exams and if you saw the My GCSE Results Post you’ll know that they weren’t too shabby and that these tips really do work!

TIP ONE: Use Colour!

This might sound stupid but really, people tend to remember colour more! Especially if you use a different colour for specific facts, then in the exam you’ll be like ‘oh yeah, I remember, the equation for photosynthesis was in blue!’

TIP TWO: Use different ways of revising!

Obviously if you have one amazing way of revising and it all stays in your head perfectly, then carry on! But if you are struggling to remember the information, try lots of different ways of revising it. Revision doesn’t have to be boring! I used to make mind-maps and cue cards and posters and booklets and games, the list goes on! I even tried changing the lyrics of a song one time to fit in with what I was learning!

TIP THREE: Take Breaks!

Don’t work yourself too hard! Work for about and hour at a time, and then take a 15 or so minute break. Look at your phone  (unless you’ve been using a computer, in which case, take a screen break too!) or go for a walk! You even have time to have a quick warm bath to relax yourself if that’s something you like the sound of!

TIP FOUR: Stay hydrated!

Make sure you revise with a bottle of water so you can stay focused! Of course you can have tea or juice or whatever too but I always find that water is the most refreshing!

TIP FIVE: Take your time!

Don’t rush it! Take your time and make it look pretty and super neat! Basically you need to create something that you’re going to want to read and go over a few times so that you remember it!

TIP SIX: Have a nice space!

Don’t have a really untidy desk because it’s not a nice space to work. If your desk is clear then I think it helps to clear your mind too! That way, you can concentrate better too!

TIP SEVEN: Focus on one subject at a time

Don’t try and do all your subjects all at once because I can speak from experience and it doesn’t work and it isn’t fun! Just think about the most important one and then work your way down from there. If it helps, write them down in priority order!


Please, don’t just mindlessly stare at your notes or your textbook or whatever! Make yourself a little plan for the day. Say between 9-10am you’re going to do subject one, topic one and then in your 15-30 minute break you’re going to I don’t know go for a walk around the block. When you come back you could do subject two, topic one and then in your break you might have a bath or something and so on. You see what I mean?

TIP NINE: You don’t always have to do it alone!

It’s good to focus and do things on your own sometimes, but you don’t always have to! Invite your friends round for a study session! You can have drinks and snacks and you can share ideas and resources! And I hate to sound like a party pooper, but make sure you actually do your work instead of just chatting about nothing the whole time!

TIP TEN: Don’t stress out!

If you’re stuck on something, leave it, and ask your teacher or your friend about it next time you see them (Or email/text them if you have the capacity to do that). If you look out next Monday, I’ll be doing a post about how to deal with stress, so that might be useful too

I’m so sorry my posting has been a bit all over the place at the moment, I am struggling a bit with college. I’m quite excited to do Friday’s post so I’m really hoping I get that done in time! I wish I had the time to sit and do this blog properly, everything seems to be so rushed!

See yah!

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