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My Top Five Current Favourites

Long time, no see! I’ve been truly and utterly sWaMpEd with college work, various coursework deadlines and declined university applications. It’s all beginning to settle down now so I can FINALLY post here! Yay! Clearly, I’ve missed a few monthly favourites posts – my last one being September – so, I thought that I’d round all the lovely things that I have been loving over the last few months in one big post…. just to make it up to you a little bit!

My Current Favourites

In no particular order, I now present to you my current favourites:

1. Bilou Creamy Shower Foam

I recently discovered this shower foam from a German brand called Bilou – which is available from Superdrug here in the UK. I love it because I think the packaging is so cute and aesthetically pleasing, plus it smells really good! Another positive is that their products are also completely vegan, cruelty and suitable for sensitive skin. If you’re in the market for new shower gel, I’d get myself down to Superdrug ASAP!

2. Mossery Co. Undated Planner

This is something I have only bought recently, but I know I’m going to grow to love it a lot! It’s the Mossery Undated Planner. I love the concept of the undated planner because it doesn’t matter when in the year you start it. Also, if you forget to use it it doesn’t matter because you can pick it up again any time you like!

There are many different designs, both internal and external you can get for it! I have the Seafoam cover and inside I have the weekly horizontal layout. There are 4 different types of layout you can have, Lined, Dotted, Weekly Vertical and Weekly Horizontal – so they suit everyone! I was so torn between the weekly horizontal and the dotted because I think that the dotted would be really good for bullet journalling, but I already have a bullet journal so I went with the former! These are available on the Mossery website.

3. WorWoder Bluetooth Headphones

I bought these – on impulse – off of Amazon on a deal and I have to admit that I love them a lot! The sound quality appears to be so good and so much better than my old headphones! The fact that they’re bluetooth is a huge plus for me too because it means I don’t have to worry about the wires getting all caught up. They also come with a jack lead as well though so you can plug them into your devices that don’t support bluetooth! I really like the colour too!

4. I Heart Revolution Nudes Chocolate Palette

I’m yet to actually use this product but I think that I will like it a lot! I don’t wear makeup that often, but sometimes I like to make an effort! I like this palette because it contains a mixture of matte and glittery/shimmer eye shadows and they’re all quite natural colours! It wasn’t that expensive either, I bought it from Superdrug. Oh, and it smells of chocolate!

5. Nintendo Switch

For Christmas, my dad bought me and my mum a new Nintendo Switch as I had sold the Nintendo Wii we had earlier in the year! It’s GREAT! It’s like a Wii and a DS all rolled into one! I think it’s an ideal family and personal gaming console and it’s very handy that it doesn’t need to be plugged into the TV when playing (although it can be) like with other consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox.

I hope you enjoyed my first post of 2019, I am hoping to post a lot more now!

Thanks for reading – which products do you love right now?

*Disclaimer* This post contains no ADs, no gifted products or affiliate links.


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