My Studying Essentials

Happy 101st Post! I love these kind of posts because they make me feel really motivated to study and it means that I get to take lots of pictures of pens! My Psychology exam is in two weeks today (*gasp*) so I thought that this would be an appropriate post! There’s a Study With Me coming pretty soon too! Anyway, let’s find out what my studying essentials are:

My Studying Essentials

ONE: A Good Notebook

The first thing I would regard as an absolute essential for studying is a nice sturdy notebook. I use the Pukka Pad 200 page Jotta notebook for my in-class and homework notes. I like these notebooks because the paper is of a very good quality and it’s hole punched ready to go into a folder. You can also get different covers and even ones with dividers called Project Books. I use the Whitelines A4 Squared and A5 Lined notebooks for making additional notes and revision materials. Notebooks are essential because without them you wouldn’t have anything to write on!

TWO: Coloured Pens

I can’t not use colour when studying! I like to make headers stand out and, although it isn’t a priority, I like to make my notes pretty so that I can put them on my study Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest (@jess_studies_, @BeyondTheBooks and @JessStudies). I bought myself a 50 pack of Crayola Supertips which I am not afraid to admit I love and I have other coloured pens such as Tombow Dual Brush Pens, Fineliners and Muji Gel Pens. For diagrams I also use coloured pencils occasionally. I am a visual learner, I think, so I like things to stand out on the page! In the picture are some of my favourite Crayola Supertips!

THREE: Highlighters

I like using highlighters to make things stand out too! I use Zebra Mildliners and Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighters but I also have Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters! I sometimes use the Mildliners for headers because some of the colours aren’t as bright as ‘normal’ highlighters! I sometimes use the highlighters in textbooks and revision guides too!

FOUR: A Good Pen

I think that it’s important that you like your writing pen because you have to spend a lot of time with it! I like the BiC Cristal Original Ball Point Pen in Black and the Muji Gel Pen Black in 0.38. In the past I have also liked (and still do!) the BiC 4 colour pens! I’m not using one of those currently because all the ones that I did have have now run out! I tend  to use the BiC pen for rough notes and the Muji Pen for neater work.

FIVE: Sticky Notes

That’s right, you’re ol’ trusty Post-It. I don’t use these much in making notes but I find them super useful to use in the textbook or making mini to-do lists! Right now I am using Marble Sticky Notes from WHSmith but unfortunately they’re not very sticky. I have some bright page tabs and some Post-It Arrow notes as well. I’m yet to find a favourite post-it but I think if I could get my hands on some pale pink ones, they would hit the top spot.

SIX: A Folder/Ringbinder

Lately I’ve been a bit slack in organising my notes into a ringbinder but I think I will because I find that they make it super easy to organise your loose bits of paper. My Psychology Teacher regularly gives me booklets to work through and I keep them in a ringbinder with dividers to separate the topics! They’re also good to organise any research you do outside of class time! I use the Sola Ring Binder from WHSmith and another Lever Arch File I bought from Sainsbury’s.

SEVEN: Flashcards

Flashcards- an absolute godsend for condensing information into easy to read snippets! I have some I bought from Sainsbury’s and some coloured ones I bought from Amazon. I use these to make revision materials! I also have some pre-made flashcards that I bought online for Psychology which I sometimes use when studying! The copper and marble bulldog clips are from Sainsbury’s and they’re very helpful in keeping the cards together (and I can’t find a link for them at the moment!!)

EIGHT: The Extras

When I’m studying I always like to have a bottle of water by my side and occasionally a small snack. The water is really important because you need to keep hydrated! I also like to have some sort of clock/the time near me too. It’s not an essential as such but I like to use the Forest App when studying too to track my productivity.

I hope this post is useful for you when studying, especially those of you who are about to start your GCSEs! If you take anything from this post, it will probably be that I’m simply a stationery addict!!

This is the last post of April (insert shocked face emoji!), I can’t believe it’s May tomorrow!!

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Thanks for reading!


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