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My 2019 Goals

Apparently juggling two A Levels, an AS Level and an EPQ alongside this blog has proved to be quite difficult! Luckily, I have now finished EPQ and my other courses are slowly coming to an end so I’ll only need to do revision. This means that I’ll hopefully have more time for the upkeep of my blog… Yay!

I wrote a post similar to this last year and I realised that I never wrote one for this year so I thought, almost three months in, I’d share with you now what I hope to achieve in 2019:

My 2019 Goals

1. Improve my gymnastics

My first goal this year is to improve in gymnastics, especially my form in certain skills. There are lots of skills I can do but they could be a lot better, I think. I would also like to gain some more expressive/harder skills that I may have not have the confidence to try before this year. I think I am getting a bit stronger so I’ll be able to try lots of new things safely!

2. Achieve good grades in my Psychology and Photography A Levels and also EPQ

The A Levels I’m actually taking this year are AQA* Psychology and WJEC Photography alongside an AQA Extended Project (EPQ). I would like to pass all three of these ideally with a BBB or higher! I’m completing my Biology A Level (OCR A) next year. I’m going to do a separate blog post explaining why I’m doing my A Levels over 3 years…

*I’ve included the exam boards in case anyone wanted to know!

3. Pass my Biology Transfer Exam

This links in with the previous goal, so, I would like to pass the exam that allows me to complete the second year of my Biology A Level, ideally with a C or above (even though we need an E + to continue). The transfer exam result becomes our predicted A Level grade so I would like to do the best I can – especially as I am re doing my uni application and I want it to look good!

4. Apply To University (again!)

Linking in again, I’d really like to apply to uni for the second time ~ and maybe get in ~ this year! I’ve had a look at a few courses already and some of them are the same as I applied for last year but I’ve also looked at a few different ones too! I’m currently looking at courses at the University of Sussex (which I applied for this time round), University of Southampton, King’s College London and Queen Mary – University of London (QMUL)! I’m going to do a separate blog post on what I’m hoping to do later on and I am also hoping to share my open day experiences with you again, like I did last year!

5. Get back into blogging!

This is pretty self explanatory, but I’d like to start posting regularly on this blog again! I’m hoping to get a new post out once a week or once a fortnight very soon to start off with and then I can increase it as my college workload decreases (from June onwards).

6. Get 100 subs on my Youtube Channels

In case you didn’t know, I run two youtube channels – JessStudies and Jess Does Gymnastics. I currently have roughly 40 subscribers on each and I’d really like to get up to 100 on each by the end of the year. As I gain more time, I am hoping to create more content for these channels too. In fact, you could really help me out by commenting video suggestions (please!) and I’ll do my best to act on them!

7. Save money

I don’t have a job currently, however I do get a small amount of pocket money still each week so I think that I’d really like to start saving it more so that I can afford nice things and also so that I have a bit of money behind me. I also want to try and sell a few of my old things on Depop to earn some extra cash too!

8. Be healthier

Finally, this year I’d like to be a little bit fitter! I’ve already signed up and participated in my local Parkrun this year (maybe I’ll do a post on it soon!) and I also have a gym membership along side doing 3 or more hours a week at gymnastics! I would like to start eating a bit healthier though over the course of the year!

That’s what I am hoping to achieve this year and I hope you enjoyed reading about my goals! I also hope that you’ll help me with some of my goals along the way as well, it’s amazing some of the support people can get over the internet!

Hopefully I will start posting more than once a month soon!

Thanks for reading – what are your goals?


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