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Meet The Blogger #3: Anneli from ‘Pigletish’

Welcome to my third ‘Meet The Blogger’ post! Today’s blogger is Anneli from Pigletish and she is a mental health blogger, specialising in Anxiety awareness! In addition to blogging, she also hosts a podcast which you can find out more about on her blog! Here’s our interview:

Meet The Blogger:

QUESTION ONE: What is your blog all about?

Anneli: ‘My name is Anneli and I write an Anxiety Awareness blog at pigletish.com, I also host a podcast and write some lifestyle stuff. The blog is about the highs and lows of living with anxiety, and I try to raise awareness about the illness while I’m at it.’

QUESTION TWO: Why did you start blogging?

Anneli: ‘I started blogging because I wanted to make life easier for people who live with mental illness by showing them that they’re not alone in their feelings and expressions.’

QUESTION THREE: What are your current blogging goals?

Anneli: ‘I would love to do this as a full time job somehow, but it’s hard work and I rely mostly on donations so that seems a far off dream. I’d also like to reach as many people as possible and make some serious changes in how mental health is viewed in society.’

QUESTION FOUR: What would you like to achieve from your blog in the future?

Anneli: ‘To open up discussion for sure, not just about mental disabilities but about any conditions that deserve more attention.’

QUESTION FIVE: What’s you number one blogging top tip?

Anneli: ‘ My top tip for blogging is to stick to your own views and your own voice. If you’re writing what you think people want to hear, rather than what you want to say, then it could be written by just about anyone. It’s YOU that makes your blog, not your blog that makes you.’

I’m sure Anneli would be very grateful if you went and supported her. The message she’s aiming to put across in her blogging and podcast is a very important one in today’s world, and bloggers, that’s a pretty good tip I’d pick up on that if I were you! Go check out Anneli’s blog and support mental health awareness! You can follow her @pigletish on Twitter and @pigletishblog on Instagram

That’s it for today! Thank you Anneli for getting involved and you’ll get a chance to meet a new blogger tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!


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