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Lush Haul – April 2018

My 100 Day reward from the 100 Days of Productivity was a Lush haul! I thought this was a great motivator as I love their bath bombs and bubble bars. Admittedly, this is quite a small haul as I only picked up 4 items, but it’s still a haul nonetheless! I thought that I’d share with you what I managed to pick up! I’m also going to give it a mini review as well, like I do with my monthly favourites. I got three bath bombs, and a bubble bar:

Lush Haul

Secret Arts Jelly Bomb

The first item I picked up was a Secret Arts Jelly Bomb. I’ve had this before. My friend, Ellen, picked it up for me for my birthday or Christmas last year. It smells really nice so I decided to get it again! Jelly bombs are slightly different than ordinary bath bombs; the ‘stuff’ that comes out of them tends to be slightly thicker. It makes your skin feel really soft though! This particular bomb looks a bit black and boring on the outside but inside it’s pink, which is great! I think that black and pink go quite well together! Overall it fizzes well, and it leaves you feeling silky soft! It does stain your bath a tiny bit, being black, but it washes out quite easily.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb

I feel this bomb is quite popular due to the spectacular colours that come out of it. It contain bright blues, pinks and yellows and so it is highly Instagrammable! I’ve had this one before too! It smells nice, looks nice and it is slightly glittery too (I think). I’m not really sure how to describe the smell, other than it’s one that I associate with Lush itself! It leaves the water a very bold opaque blue colour and it doesn’t stain!

Think Pink Bath Bomb

I picked this one up on a slightly later occasion! I’ve never tried this particular bath bomb until now and I’m very glad that I did! Firstly it is very very pink, and I’ve probably mentioned before that I’m drawn to pretty much anything pink! If you ever tried the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb around Christmas, this comes very close! I really liked the smell and there was oh-so-much glitter! I’ve read a few things online I think this bath bomb has only been recently updated into what it is now! I love it like this! I think I remember trying the old version, and I liked this one a lot more! SO MUCH GLITTER! SO PINK! It leaves your bath water a bright, glittery opaque pink colour!

Brightside Bubble Bar

Finally, I picked up this very orange bubble bar. For those of you that don’t know, a bubble bar is different from a bath bomb because instead of dropping the whole thing into the bath, you break a bit off and you hold it under the (running) tap and the bubbles emerge from it! It’s a bit like a solid bubble bath! The orange scent is very strong and fresh and overall I quite like it. It leaves your bath water a bright orange colour! I also like that you get several uses out of it!

I hope you enjoyed my little Lush haul! I’d like to do a slightly bigger one in the future so that I can share even more with you! I wish I could say this is the last you’re going to hear of me banging on about the ‘100 Days of Productivity’ for a while, but it’s not! The next post (Monday) will be my final mention of it for a while! What a relief! I know some of those photos in this post are a bit dull and dark, that was because I had the camera on the wrong setting! If you like the sound of these bath bombs you can purchase them online here:

Secret Arts


Think Pink


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Thank-you for reading!


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