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Life Update – October 2018

Oh, hey there! Long time, no see! So, uh, yeah… It’s been about a month since we’ve been here so I thought that you were all due a little life update – also known as me trying to justify why I haven’t been blogging for a month!

What Have I Been Up To?

I wish I could say ‘ah yes, I’ve been doing a social media/internet detox and I learnt a million valuable lessons from my experience’ – but if you have been anywhere near my Twitter or Instagram stories, you would know that that is most certainly not the case.

Instead I’ve been busy, but that’s a terrible excuse! I’ve been busy enough to have to avoid blogging, I should say! Here’s the part where I attempt to define ‘busy’!

Defining ‘Busy’…


As I’m sure you well know from my previous post, I started back at college as a second year student at the beginning of September – taking two additional subjects under my wing. So that’s one thing, college! The workload itself is reasonable and I have a sufficient amount of frees in order to keep up with everything. But, I become quite behind quite quickly and thus, that was priority – other than watching Grey’s Anatomy 24/7 (currently standing at the second half of Season 9)


Around college, I have had at least one hospital appointment a week – at least one being in London too. This means I am then missing college and I have to catch up – which kinda explains why I’m so behind! My attendance is standing strong at 75% today, that will begin to go up in just over a month or so, I’m hoping! I’ll give you an update on whether my grades have slipped or not once I get my review grades at the end of the month!


I know what you’re thinking ‘it’s okay, college just got in the way’. But no, that would be too simple – wouldn’t it? (Note the sarcasm!!!) Just when I was thinking I was getting on track and everything was going ok-ish, something else happened. I was at gymnastics at the end of September and for probably about half a second, I forgot how to use my legs like an actual human being. Long story short – I’ve torn ligaments in my left ankle, and then I sprained the right one trying to avoid using the left! So not only have I been ridiculously behind in college, but I now can’t walk.

I’m still on crutches for it at the moment, but I have an appointment with my local (ish) fracture clinic on Wednesday which will hopefully be helpful in telling me how long my recovery will be!

What Now?

So, obviously, college is still a priority but I’m hoping to get back into this! I have a few posts I’ve planned to do, but they might be a bit ‘here, there and everywhere’ until I get into a proper routine again. I’m going to do my September Favourites, and I have a bit of a mini Lush Haul to share with you – keep your eyes peeled!

Hopefully, that gives you a little bit of an explanation as to why I haven’t been the best blogger lately!

Thanks for reading – look out for more posts!!!


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