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How To Care For Your Retainer

On Monday (23rd July), I returned to my orthodontist to get my retainer fitted after having my braces off a couple of weeks ago! She spoke to me about the care of the retainer and I thought it would be really useful to share my knowledge with you. I’m hoping that this will be useful for people with braces now, getting braces soon or people who have forgotten how to care for their retainer! If you like to find out more about living with braces themselves, I wrote THIS post a while back, you could check that out!

*Also I know the photos may seem a bit gross but I promise, I photographed my spare set… These have never been in my mouth!!*

How To Care For Your Retainer

I’d just like to put it out there that when you first get it put on, it does hurt and it does feel weird, but the more you take it out and not wear it, 1) your teeth may move back and 2) it will hurt MORE! Taking good care of your retainer should make the experience more comfortable for you!

Use The Box!

Firstly, you will hopefully be supplied with a small box/case to put your retainer in. I would recommend putting them back in the box every time you take it out to eat, drink, play sport, brush your teeth etc. This prevents them getting lost, broken or dirty! Sometimes you may be given a colour option for your case, so make sure you pick a colour you like! I wasn’t given a choice unfortunately, but I was given a nice purple sparkly one. Ooooo! It might be worth sticking your name on it as well, in case you lose it at school or out in public!

Clean it!

Next up is washing! Your orthodontist may try to sell you a bunch of nifty retainer cleaning products. Whereas it’s up to your personal preference, you don’t actually NEED,need them! My orthodontist told me to just run them under cold water when I take them out to brush my teeth, and perhaps use your/a clean toothbrush to clean them a bit! That’s all it needs! You should know that you definitely shouldn’t use toothpaste or soap to clean your retainer! Water and a brush does the trick just right!

Wear it at appropriate times!

Another way to take care of them is making sure you’re not wearing them when you’re eating, drinking (anything but water) or playing (particularly contact) sport. Wearing them at these times could cause them to get sticky and may even break in your mouth, which could damage your teeth or cause other problems!

If possible, purchase an extra set!

I understand that retainers are expensive to replace, thus taking care of them is really important! If your orthodontist offers you a second spare set at a reduced price, I’d definitely recommend taking them up on that in case something does happen! But, you should always make sure you’re taking care of them!

I hope this post was useful for those who need it! I understand that this doesn’t concern a lot of people! I hope you’ve been enjoying my recent posts!

Thanks for reading!


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