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GRWM: Gymnastics

I’ve never done a Get Ready With Me post before because I don’t really go anywhere, except gymnastics! I thought that I’d try it out! I’m going to explain the steps I take almost every week in order to get ready to go to gymnastics. I always have gymnastics in the evening and I have it every Thursday and Friday and occasionally Wednesday. So, let’s get ready for gymnastics:

GRWM: Gymnastics


I start getting reading for gymnastics at roughly 4pm, as my classes (except the Wednesday one) start at 6pm. Most of the time, especially in the winter, I start off by having a warm bath. This is to warm my muscles through a bit so that I am not really really stiff when I go to stretch. After I get out the bath, I tend to lightly moisturise my arms and legs so that it isn’t too horrible when my coach goes to spot me!

STEP TWO: Stretch

I like to stretch immediately after I get out the bath while my muscles are still nice and warm so that it is a bit easier. I also like to do it so that it doesn’t matter so much if I haven’t stretched properly during the proper warm up!

STEP THREE: Get Changed

I would then get changed into my leotard, and usually shorts as well. For some reason, I always wear shorts at my Thursday class, but I haven’t be wearing them at my Friday class lately!

STEP FOUR: Wash Face

I like to wash my face before gym so that I can remove any makeup I may have on and so that I feel a bit fresher.


After that, I would sort out my hair. It must be tied up for gym. I usually opt for a pony tail with a scrunchie! A good hack I discovered for sweeping away all those baby hairs at the front, is to spray some hairspray onto an old/unused toothbrush and gently brush back the hairs towards your pony tail! Trust me it works!

STEP SIX: Practise Basic Skills

If I have time before dinner, I would usually use the time to practise some skills! If it’s nice outside, I would go on the trampoline, or if it isn’t then I just do what I can in the house! I don’t do too much though or I wouldn’t have the energy to do anything at gym!


At around 5pm or before, I would have dinner. I don’t like to have it much later than that because I need it to settle in my stomach before I start leaping around!

STEP EIGHT: Sort Out Bag

I would then make sure I have everything I need in my gym bag! If you’d like to see what’s in my gym bag, check out THIS post!

STEP NINE: Look Presentable

Just before I leave, I go and put some proper clothes on over my leotard etc. especially when it’s cold in the winter!

STEP TEN: Leave!

Finally, I would either get in the car to leave or walk to gymnastics!

I hope you enjoyed my first GRWM post!

Thanks for reading


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