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GCSE Results Day 2017

Today was GCSE Results Day! My entire secondary school career has built up to this day and I’m happy to announce that I think that I did pretty well, better than I thought I would anyway! In celebration of this I have decided I want to share my results with you! Here we go!

Maths: 5 (equivalent to a low end of B and the high end of C)

English Language: 4 and a Merit in a Speaking task (equivalent to a C, Standard Pass)

English Literature: 5 (Strong Pass)

Business & Communications: B (I got an A* in the coursework though and then a B and a C in the exam)

Biology: B (I got 2 A and 2 C so it equalled a B overall)

Chemistry: B (I got 3 B and an A)

Physics: C (Not as good at Physics than the other sciences!!)

DT Textiles: B (A in coursework, B in exam)

French: D (It’s difficult for me to understand unfamiliar language, even English sometimes, hence why I got E in the Listening and Speaking and C in the Writing and Reading!!)

Citizenship: B

History: B (got A and A* in the exam but got a D in the coursework even though my teacher told me it was a B!)

So yeah, I’m pretty happy with those results! I don’t have to do any re-sits, yay!

Post again sooon!


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