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Fitbit Alta HR Review

It’s a bit review central round here, having only just posted a review on Monday! Never mind! Today, I’m going to review my Fitbit Alta HR! I’ve owned a Fitbit for a while now but I’ve only had my current one since November. Before that I had the ordinary Fitbit Alta, and before that the old Fitbit Charge HR. The Alta HR is essentially the same as and Alta but slightly more updated and with the added heart rate function. So what do I think of it?

Fitbit Alta HR Review

I’ve worn my Fitbit Alta HR pretty much everyday since I got it in November so I must like it quite a lot! I chose one with a grey strap because it goes with most things. The best part is that the straps are interchangeable! This was the same for the ordinary Alta too because I used to have a blue strap, but for prom I switched it for a white one!

On my Fitbit Alta HR, it displays the time, how many steps you’ve done, your heart rate, how far you’ve walked/run, how many calories you’ve burned, your ‘active minutes’ (how long you exercised, inc. walking, for), you battery and if you have any alarms set. You can customise your display and many other functions in the Fitbit App! You can also set alarms in the app. The Fitbit lightly vibrates when the alarm goes off and all you have to do is double tap it quickly to dismiss it. You can set several alarms at a time!

The Fitbit App shows you much more detailed statistics that the watch itself. You can connect to the app via bluetooth on iOS, Android and Desktop PC! I like looking at the sleep stats that it tracks. Having a Fitbit Alta HR means I get much more detailed sleep stats as I did on my old Alta as it incorporates your heart rate to calculate sleep stages (Awake, Light, REM and Deep). This is really useful to know how much restful sleep I got! In exercise, the heart rate functionality calculates your heart rate zones (Fat Burn, Cardio, Peak). This could be useful for athletes or people willing to lose weight. In the app you can also input your food and drink and track weight that way!

I love the fact that the battery lasts for days at a time and I don’t have to worry about charging it every day. This means that I can track my sleep because I can wear it at night. I usually charge it when I’m in the bath as I can’t wear it then. It takes less than two hours to reach full capacity! Convenient!


Overall, I think that prefer this Fitbit to any other Fitbit I’ve had! It looks good, it’s clever, and it’s generally accurate! If I were to recommend a Fitbit to anyone, I’d definitely recommend this one! They are a little on the expensive side. This one retails at £119 ish, but I waited until there was a good deal in Boots! I managed to get £14 worth of advantage card points, that I used to buy my friend’s Christmas gifts! I think that this is a very good fitness tracker, but also I think it’s good for people who are not athletes and are just interested in their general health. If you’d like to think about getting one, here’s a link:

Fitbit Alta HR, Small, Grey(Other sizes and colours also available) (Please note that this is an affiliate link, see disclaimer page for more info)

I hope you enjoyed my review! There’s another review (sorry!) coming on Monday!

Thanks for reading!


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