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From time to time, I may include affiliated links in my posts. This means that I may earn a very small percentage of commission when the link is clicked or a purchase is made. This doesn’t affect you in any way at all and of course I never have access to your private information. I will always disclose within the post itself whether it contains affiliate links or not, for your information. Any affiliate links I use on any social media, such as Twitter, will be disclosed using the hashtag #affiliate. Whether I’m using affiliate links or not will not change my opinion on any product. Any opinion on ‘Jess Louise’ is 100% genuine.


In the future I may receive requests to do sponsored posts. This means that I am being paid to promote and review a brand or product. Again this shouldn’t affect you in any way. Any sponsored post will be marked with an asterisk (*) in the title and disclaimer will be within the post itself.  Whether the post is sponsored or not will not change my opinion on any product. Any sponsored social media post will be made obvious by the hashtag #AD which will be within the first few lines of text.

I will only ever promote products or brands I genuinely love, I would never lie and recommend a product if I didn’t really like it. I will also only ever promote products that are relevant to ‘Jess Louise’ and that I think think that my readers would enjoy. If a company wanted me to write something very specific about their product, and lie about it, I wouldn’t agree to do the post. Simple as that.


I do not, and cannot, collect, share or store any information about my readers to third parties, except quantitative data for analytics which is strictly confidential and I cannot access. Cookies are enabled for this site by EU law, if you wish to disable this please use your browser settings. This site also contains links to other sites, which as far as I’m aware also cannot collect your personal data. In simple terms, I cannot access any data about you, however due to law there are cookies by third parties such as Google. (I think this is a bit too techy for me!). I can confirm that ‘Jess Louise’ complies with the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR EU- May 2018). This privacy policy was last updated 25th May 2018.


If you would like to work with me I can be reach via email: hellojesslouise@gmail.com or any social media which you can see on the CONTACT ME page.

Thanks for reading, sorry this is so super serious!

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