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About Me

Meet The Girl Behind The Blog…


So, you appear to have discovered my little corner of the internet! My name is Jess, and I’m the girl behind the blog! I’m 18 years old and I’m from the United Kingdom. I live in the South East of England in Sussex and I’m currently in my second year of sixth form college (Year 13). I study A Level Photography, A Level Psychology and AS Level Biology alongside an Extended Project Qualification too. At University, I’m planning to pursue BSc Psychology, BSc Biomedical Science or something similar so that I can go onto a career in either Psychology, Physiotherapy or Medicine (alongside this blog, of course).

So, what are my hobbies? Well let’s start with the obvious… I enjoy blogging! I’ve been blogging for a long time now, and I don’t see myself getting bored anytime soon! I also enjoy Gymnastics! I’ve been doing gymnastics for about 5 years, which isn’t a lot considering my age! I can often be found doing handstands everywhere I go. I have a YouTube channel called Jess Does Gymnastics, where I broadcast my love for the sport! I also have another channel called JessStudies, which needs a little bit of work if I’m being honest. Here I share mainly ‘Study With Me’ videos, but I’m looking to expand my horizons soon!

Now, what are some of my favourite things? I have two cats named Dylan and Rodney who I love to bits! I used to have two cats called Charlie and Winston a few years back and I really enjoyed writing, so I wrote books about them. I’ve been working on them recently and I hope that one day I can get them published as a children’s book! I also like coffee shops, but mainly for the atmosphere. I don’t like coffee that much (except coffee cake!), so you’ll always spot me sporting a Vanilla Frappuccino in the summer and a hot chocolate in the winter! Though, I am a sucker for an occasional flavoured latte as they don’t taste much like coffee!! Additionally, I love stationery, the smell of books, lip balms, and Bath & Body Works Hand Gel! You got some birthday gifts ideas from that, yeah?!

The Origins of ‘Jess Louise’

I guess you’re now wondering about the origins of ‘Jess Louise’? Firstly, I had a blog called Jessica’s Writing (still alive on the internet now if you’re interested) where I published various short stories and poems that I had written, including a poem that won a poetry competition at school. Then, ‘Jess Louise’ was born sometime around 2013/2014 to the foetus web address of jessslouise.blogspot.co.uk because I wanted to write about ‘real things’. On that blog there were a few posts thrown together here and there including ‘My School Makeup Routine’, ‘Year 9 Exam Revision Tips’ and ‘Iced Spice Cookie Recipe’. That continued for a few years. On the 19th June 2017, I sat my last GCSE exam and the day after (20th June 2017) I decided my blog needed a ‘glow up’. I wanted to take blogging seriously and it was then that the foundations of ‘Jess Louise’ as we know today were set. Within weeks, or even days, I had purchased my own domain and gone self-hosted! The first few posts or so, and my 2017 Blogmas posts, are a bit wobbly. Other than that, ‘Jess Louise’ is now the best it is ever been, and the stats at its highest!

I hope you enjoyed reading about me and my blog, and I hope that you enjoy my little blog! If you want to know more about me, you’re welcome to check out my 40 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me post!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

I have a question to ask you, but I don’t want it to be public. Where can I send it?

You’re welcome to send your question to hellojesslouise@gmail.com or DM me on any of my social media (see Contact Me).

Can I write a post for Jess Louise?

I’m sorry but I do not allow guest posting on my blog because I like everything to come from me. If you’re interested in blogging you can check out my Start Blogging series (Search Start Blogging on the blog)

When do you post?

I used to be very specific about this but college has taken a much bigger toll on me this year than I ever expected it to, so it’ll be as and when for now!

What do you write about on Jess Louise?

Jess Louise is a blog of many niches. I write lifestyle tips/advice, product reviews, student tips/hacks, beauty, fashion and recipes! Whatever sparks my interest I suppose!

Can I request a post?

Of course! Comment on any post, email me or let me know on any of my social media

I’m a brand and I want to work with you. How do I get in touch?

Please email me at hellojesslouise@gmail.com, unless it is gymnastics related in that case I’d like it to go to presshandstands@aol.com.

Jess Louise was born on 20th June 2017 and it is currently 1 years old.

Yes, it’s me! That’s my face!

Thanks for reading!

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