6 Ways To Stay Organised

Hey Guys!

So to go with my posts ‘My Top Ten Revision Tips’ and ‘5 Tips for Dealing with Stress’, I thought I’d top it off with a 6 Ways To Stay Organised post! You’re all going to be really organised, stress free and able to revise effectively, and I’m really jealous! You’re very lucky, you’ve had TWO posts today! Let’s talk about how you can be (and stay) more organised:

NUMBER ONE: The use of a nice calendar!

This is a great organisation hack, future planning! You can plan what events and deadlines are coming in the future and arrange your life accordingly! You can make one yourself or buy one! It’s almost 2018, perfect time to buy a new calendar and organise your life!

NUMBER TWO: A pretty file!

I’m a biiiit of a sucker for stationery and so I can never resist a pretty folder/file to organise my things into! The funny thing is sometimes the folder is completely unorganised, but the fact it looks nice makes me feel organised! I don’t recommend this! If you’re going to do the file thing, you have to do it properly, dividers and all!

NUMBER THREE: A handy note book, complete with post it notes!

Again, I can never resist a nice notebook! You can use them for alllll sorts, especially planning and writing to-do lists. Cute post it notes are good too to stick within your planning or to stick them on your folder or desk or book to remind you of things!

NUMBER FOUR: Tidy space, tidy mind!

As I mentioned in the ‘Revision Tips’ post, it’s important to keep your working space tidy. Sorting out your space so that you know where everything is, is a great starting point to being fully organised! It’ll make you feel less stressed and more motivated too!

NUMBER FIVE: Your Smartphone!

Phones are amaaaazzing these days, you can do so much with them! There’s apps like Evernote (to keep all your notes filed and organised), Meal Planner Pal (to plan your meals in advance), Event Countdown Lite (tells you how many days away events are) and there are even apps to help you stay productive and focused like Forest (grows a little tree on your phone, however if you leave the app, it dies). All these apps are available on iOS (and I imagine in the Google Play store on Android too) and they’re all free except Forest, which is £1.99!

NUMBER SIX: The bullet journal system!

You may have read my posts about ‘My Bullet Journal’ and ‘How to Bullet Journal’, but I’m going to remind you again that Bullet Journal can do so much to help you… You can do pretty much all of the above in one handy little book! If you haven’t read my posts about it, I urge you to!

Hopefully, with the help of this and other posts, you are productive and organised!



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