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5 Ways To Use Washi Tape

If you know me at all, it’s likely that you have experienced my love for Washi Tape. Washi Tape is essentially patterned or coloured sticky tape, and it’s more versatile than you think! I did a post similar to this on an old blog, so it’s due an upgrade! Here are five ways you can use Washi Tape:

5 Ways To Use Washi Tape

1 – Identify Your Belongings

Does everyone in your household own the same pair of earphones? Do you never know whether you’ve picked up yours or your brothers. Here’s the answer to all your problems – washi tape! Wrap a small piece of tape around the bit that sit just under your ear and voila, your earphones are instantly recognisable! This nifty trick works for other objects too – perhaps your favourite pen?

2 – Pimp Your Stuff

That sounds a bit weird but do you ever get a brand new notebook for school and then you find that actually, it’s a bit boring… Washi Tape saves the day again! A small bit of tape can have it looking fabulous in no time at all!

3 – Become The Bullet Journal Queen, or King… Or whatever the non-binary version is…

Bullet Journals and Washi Tape is a match made in heaven! I find that this tape can brighten up any spread if used in the right way!

4 – Divide your Pages

Cut of a bit of washi, and tah dah, you have yourself a page/folder divider! Who need Post-It with their fancy stuff, when you can use all sorts of weird and wonderful washi tape! You can also stick a small piece of paper on the back to stop it sticking to everyone and everything!

5 – What wire goes where?

Have you got a bunch of wires coming out your extension lead and you have no clue which one leads to what? Washi is your saviour yet again! Wrap a piece around the wire and pinch the end together to make them stick. You could cut a triangle into it so that it looks like a flag! You could also write on it what the wire is meant to be for (that would probably be helpful!)

So, there’s some ideas to get you going! I’ll probably do another Washi Tape post in the future – look out for that! I hope you enjoyed my post!

If you’d like to get some, I know that Hobbycraft is a good place to go! Alternatively, there is Amazon and eBay!

Thanks for reading – which one of these do you think you’ll use?


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