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5 Ways To Stay Productive

Carrying on with my slight productivity theme this last week or so, I have decided that I would share with you five useful tips to stay productive that I found helpful whilst doing the 100 Days Of Productivity Challenge! They may not all work for you, but they may at least stop you procrastinating (Queen of Procrastination here, hello!). I do fear this post will be quite similar to my last post, 5 Things I Learnt From The 100 Days Of Productivity Challenge, but I’m going to write it anyway! I start as I mean to go on, I guess! Anyway, here are 5 Ways To Stay Productive:

5 Ways To Stay Productive:

One: Set Goals and Reward Yourself

No, I hate the thought that I’m just convincing the world to stuff their faces with chocolate as soon as they complete a task! I mean, if you want to use that approach, do! But what I mean is, you need to work towards an end goal. This should keep you motivated and thus productive! Set yourself a goal, such as ‘Complete all Unit 2 Revision’, and then a reward such as ‘A hot, bubbly bath’. After all that hard work, you can then treat yourself! Sorted!

Two: Use A Productivity Tracking App

As if that wasn’t enough, you could use a smartphone app to track how productive you have been and to keep you focused! A really good one that I honestly couldn’t recommend enough is Forest. Forest is such a cute little app! You set how long you want to stay focused for, eg 30 minutes, and it grows a little tree in your phone! Leave the app and the tree dies (how sad!)! You collect coins every time you grow a tree, and once you’ve collected enough you can grow a real tree somewhere in the world! I mean, it is ¬£1.99 (I think) in the iOS App Store, but it’s worth it! There’s no ads and so many nifty features! You can also connect it to a Google Chrome Extension! Cool!

Three: Focus on your end goal

This is different to number one. When I say an end goal I mean something like a good grade in an exam, or being accepted into your top choice university! Thinking about and focusing on achieving that end achievement should give you the drive and motivation to remain productive and reaching it! Think about how you’ll feel once it’s all over and out the way!

Four: Take Regular Breaks

You shouldn’t get burned out by stress! Studying for long periods of time can actually¬†decrease focus, and so decrease motivation and productivity. Work in small 30 minute, or an hour at the most blocks and take a short break in between. It could be as short as getting up and going to the toilet and grabbing a drink, or it could be longer such as a walk or a workout to relax your mind a bit. Then you can get back to your work feeling energised and ready to go!

Five: Minimise Distraction

To truly focus on your tasks and stay as productive as possible, you should minimise or remove anything that will stop you from doing that! The Forest App I mentioned earlier could come into play quite well here, in seeing that a lot of distractions are on your phone! The chrome extension of Forest allows you to create a ‘Blacklist’ of distracting websites, so that when you access them the little tree dies! You should also do things like turn the TV off, and not watch re-runs of the Bake-Off on Netflix (Guilty!). You should be able to fully concentrate on what you’re doing!

I hope this post was useful for you, and not too similar to my other post! For some reason I have scheduled another extra post for tomorrow! Lucky you! Unfortunately it’s back to regular posting on Monday as I’ve got to go back to college, which I’m actually looking forward to because I think it will boost my productivity!

Thanks for reading! Stay Productive!

*This post contains NO affiliate links*

Wow, can you tell I recycled all these pics! :’D


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