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5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

I haven’t done a mental health post in a while, although I keep meaning to, so I decided to squidge one into my schedule now! I’ve decided to do ‘5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health’ because I felt that it is quite important these days, and also if you can take care of your own mental health it’s not putting a strain on our struggling National Health Service! The waiting lists are so loooooooooooong, (Trust me!) you may as well do what you can now even if you do need to see a specialist!

5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

TIP ONE: Don’t Do Too Much

If you feel like you need to take a step back, do it. It will do you much more good to just take a break rather than just stressing yourself out. There’s no shame in it! You shouldn’t be pressured into something you don’t want to do, that’ll do you no good! Your health should always come first!

TIP TWO: Try And Distract Yourself

If you feel down, in particular, try and do something else (if possible) to distract yourself from the feeling. Do something that you enjoy! Watch something funny or uplifting or practice a hobby! It works I tried it!

TIP THREE: Eat Well And Sleep Well If You Can

These are important to your mental wellbeing, particularly sleep! It almost ‘heals’ you! According to my Fitbit app REM sleep is ‘important for your memory and mood’, light sleep ‘promotes physical and mental restoration’ and deep sleep ‘helps with physical recovery and aspects of memory and learning’. That all sounds quite important! As for eating, it gives you energy to function!

TIP FOUR: Mindfulness/Meditation May Work?

Mindfulness, a form of meditation, helps a lot of people with their mental health. It relaxes the mind and makes you focus on only one thing and ‘forget’ about everything else! I was (involuntarily!) signed up to a mindfulness course at college and it seems to help everyone relax and de-stress. They also seem to enjoy laying on the floor!!

TIP FIVE: Talk About It!

Mental health shouldn’t be a taboo subject! If you’re not quite feeling yourself, talk to someone about it! Your mum, teacher, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, flat mate… Anyone! It helps! Getting it ‘out in the open’ as it were really helps take the pressure off of you! You never know, whoever you speak to might have some useful tips! If, for some reason, you don’t want to talk to anyone you know or there’s no one around lots of charities (for example, Beat for eating disorders) have a support network usually including a number you can call or text or they have 1-2-1 online sessions. Kooth.com  is meant to be a really good online confidential counselling service for young people and of course there is the Samaritans (116 123)! There’s so many different ways to get support these days!

I hope that my post is useful to you! I know some of the points are a bit brief but they’re quite self explanatory I think! See you (hopefully) on Friday for a exciting review post!


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