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5 Things I Learnt From The 100 Days Of Productivity Challenge

On 1st January, I started the 100 Days of Productivity Challenge. Today is Day 100/100 Days of Productivity. I did it! I would definitely recommend this challenge to anyone who needs to stay productive, or is working towards a main goal such as an exam. In this post, I’m going to share with you 5 things I have learnt since participating in this challenge that I think that is useful for you to know, whether you’re going to do the challenge or not:

5 Things I have Learnt From The 100 Days Of Productivity Challenge

ONE: You need to keep motivated!

The first thing that I learnt from doing this challenge is that you’ve got to keep motivated. You’ve got to give you something to work towards. If you’re revising for an exam, for example, obviously getting a good grade¬†should be your main motivator. But we all know that most of us see straight pass that! What I did was, I gave myself a small reward at set intervals within the challenge. For example after 10 days, 20 Days, 50 Days, 80 Days and then a bigger reward after 100 Days. My rewards were only small things such as one time I bought a new book, and another time I got ¬£5 from my mum! My ‘big’ reward was a Lush ‘haul’, so guess what I’m going to be doing within the next few days! These small things gave me that little extra bit of motivation I needed to work towards the next one!

TWO: You mustn’t work too hard!

Doing something productive for 100 days in a row is pretty hard going! I mentioned a few days ago that what I was counting as ‘productive’ became slightly slack, and that was probably a good thing. I didn’t want to become burned out by stress and neither should you! If you aim to do one piece of school work everyday, that’s fine. If you aim to complete a whole unit of (insert subject) everyday, that’s also fine but don’t work too hard. If your stressed, your working memory and digestion shut down so you won’t retain any information and you may find you become ill from not being able to digest properly. Be productive, but be safe y’all!

THREE: You don’t have to be productive 24/7

This links with the last one. Even if you feel like you should be doing something remotely productive all the time because you have a test coming up (or something), it’s okay if you’re not! It’s okay to have an off day where you don’t do as much as usual, or you even take the whole day off. That’s fine, as long as whatever assignments or revision gets done in the end (and before it is due!).

FOUR: Getting Things Done is Satisfying And Rewarding

Another thing that I learnt from this challenge is getting things ticked off of that to do list feels so satisfying. When you complete a to-do list it is almost as if a weight has literally been lifted from your shoulders. This challenge, I think, is a great way to get that list crossed off everyday, if nothing else. It honestly feels really good!

FIVE: I’d Do This Again

The final thing that I have learnt from this challenge is that I would definitely try it again sometime! I would perhaps be a little bit stricter on myself and I would change the rewards up so that it is a nice, fresh challenge. Overall, I had a good experience and I would honestly recommend it to anyone, especially students!

I hope you enjoyed my post! Maybe you could have a go at the challenge? If I do this again, I’d also be sure to update you all more regularly, you only got 2 updates out of me! I made a printable, that you can print at home to track your productivity progress:


Please ignore the fact that the watermark on the printable says ‘Jess Studies’. That’s a reference to my study instagram (@Jess_Studies_) and my Etsy Store (JessStudies), as I was going to put it on there. I decided to put it here instead! (You can also find it on my Tumblr blog- @beyondthebooks)

Thanks for reading!


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