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The 100 Days Of Productivity

I didn’t know if I’d have yesterday’s post ready in time, so I planned this one as well! Turns out I did have yesterday’s post ready so I’m posting this today! Happy Saturday!

I started the 100 Days of Productivity Challenge on the 1st January and so it will end on the 11th April. What the challenge involves is that you have to do something productive (studying, tidying, reading, updating bullet journal, or I like to count blogging as well because I have to sit and plan/write posts) for 100 days in a row. At the end you can have a big reward, but instead what I have done is set a reward at certain points in the challenge: 10 days, 30 days, 50 days, 80 days and finally 100 days. My 10 day reward was £5, 30 is a new book, 50 is a visit to a trampoline park (where I can practice my gymnastics skills), 80 is £10 and my ‘big’ reward at the end is some things from Lush (basically a Lush Haul!). This sounds super bad, but these rewards help keep me motivated to (mainly) study and complete all my college work! I track my progress using a page in my bullet journal, whereby I drew a 10×10 grid and as I complete each day, I colour in the numbered squares until I reach the end!

Today is Day 20/100. So what have I done in those 20 Days? Mainly I’ve been completing my college homework and coursework but I also had a mock exam last Tuesday and so I have been revising for that! I’ve also counted writing my blog posts in advance towards my challenge as last year I used to be a terrible habit, in that I’d write the post a matter of hours before it was due to be published, resulting in bad quality posts! I have written this post 10 Days in advance, so Day 10 was definitely productive (Hello £5!). 

What I am planning on doing, in terms of this challenge and blogging, is that I’m going to do a post every few weeks up until the 11th April, updating you on my progress and my contribution towards the challenge! I’m hoping that I will make it to the 11th April without any problems! Knowing I have a blog post to write about this challenge should be enough (as with my rewards too!) to encourage me to stay productive! I think that I have planned to do a 100 days of productivity update on the 5th of February, we can find out if I’ve been any more productive then! Also it’s only 10 days until I get a new book! I’d better decide which one I want!

On Monday, I am currently planning on doing a ‘Fashion’ post and I haven’t done one of those since November so I’m slightly nervous. Wish me luck!

Until Monday!


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