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100 Days Of Productivity UPDATE #1

Yay look at me I’m posting!! I was just taking a bit of well deserved screen break and I probably lost tonnes of followers, never mind! Anyway, today I am updating you all on my 100 days of productivity challenge which I started on 1st January (original post HERE)!

My Productivity Update

Today is Day 40/100! I’m almost half way there! I mentioned in my original post that I got rewards at specific intervals in my challenge (after 10 days, 30 days, 50 days, 80 days and 100 days). I’ve just gone over 30 days, and my reward for that was a new book. I got Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell! I haven’t read it yet but I certainly plan too very soon. My next reward is in 10 days, and it is a visit to a trampoline park! Even though I am going on holiday this half term (13th-18th February), I still aspire to stay as productive as possible in some shape or form (More about this in my next update!).

So, what have I done to be productive so far? Honestly I wish I could count getting out of bed as productive some days, but I have decided to be a bit more hard on myself! I have tried to do at least a little bit of college work every day! It’s paid off because I’m currently ahead of my class in Psychology! I’ve also counted writing blog posts as being productive, but as you can probably tell I haven’t done much of that lately! I’ve been keeping track of my productivity using my ‘100 Days of Productivity Tracker’ in my bullet journal. I’ve been quite slack on my bullet journal lately, so don’t expect an update on that too soon!

I guess that’s it for my first ‘100 Days of Productivity’ update! I will soon be writing another one of these I am sure! I hope you enjoyed it even though it’s a bit messy and I wrote it quite quickly!

Hopefully I will be seeing you again very soon.

Thanks for reading!


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