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The 100 Days Of Productivity Update #2

The end of 100 Days of Productivity challenge is nearing for me! Today is Day 95/100, and so I thought you all deserved a little bit of an update before I finally finish! I have to admit, I’ve been a little bit slack in what I count as ‘productive’ seeing as I went on holiday in the middle, but I did things such as making sure I updated social media, or planned blog posts everyday. What counts as productive for me, may not count for you and vice versa. If I do this again (which I imagine I will!) I will be much more strict on what counts as productive and what doesn’t! I’m a bit too close to the end now to change what does and doesn’t count! Here is my Day 95 update:

100 Days of Productivity Update:

My Psychology Transfer Exam is fast approaching and so I’ve been working on revision materials and strategies, as well as finishing off the Year One syllabus! I’ve been using my Whitelines Notebook (review HERE) to create some of my revision materials as well as flashcards. I purchased the notebook on Amazon, and the flashcards also from Amazon or Sainsbury’s. I also have some pre-made flashcards for the AQA Psychology syllabus, which I bought from tutor2u.  All this revision has been keeping me very productive most days!

Also to aid my Psychology revision I’ve been using a site called Quizlet. Quizlet allows you to make your own online flashcards and use various activities to learn them, such as simply reading them, writing them out and playing games. It’s free to use and you can upgrade to Quizlet Go or Quizlet Plus for more features. I have Quizlet Go, and it’s 19-pence a month, billed annually. Very affordable! I’ve been using Quizlet a lot recently, I think it’s a great tool and there’s also a mobile app! If you’re interested in seeing my revision materials, you can search my username (@jessbrodie) on there! After my exam, I am going to do a review of Quizlet and see how useful it was in preparing for it.

As well as my Psychology exam coming up, my photography coursework deadline is very fast approaching. My entire Year One Photography book, or in my case books, is due in by Friday 27th April. That’s three weeks away! This has been keeping me very busy and productive recently as I’ve had to get shoots done and statements written up! Between you and me, I think I’m in for a good grade though!

Despite all that coming up, I’ve also had a chance to begin looking at the information for my Biology AS Level that I’m going to be taking from September. I’ve even begun making notes from the textbook! I’ve not done Biology in just under a year, and though I got good grades, I need to touch up on it a little bit so I’m taking the opportunity to do that now! This, again, has been keeping me busy and productive!

Rewards Update:

We all know that I’ve motivated myself through this challenge using various rewards at specific intervals (you can remind yourself of these on these posts HERE and HERE). On my last update post, I was coming up to 50 Days. The 50 day award was a trip to a trampoline park. I am yet to do this, but I am planning a trip soon in my study leave after I have done my exam! Recently, I also passed the 80 day mark where I received £10. I put this £10 towards a ‘Balm Dot Com from Glossier’ because I felt like a bad blogger having never tried Glossier (that’s not the real reason, I was just intrigued having heard very good things about it… More on this in another post!). I’m only five days away from my ‘big’ reward, a Lush Haul! I’m so excited because I haven’t got any new bath things in a while, except bubble bath which my mum buys anyway! Here’s to smelling great in five dayyyyyyyys!

I hope you enjoyed my 100 Days of Productivity Update! So close to the end now!

Thanks for reading my post! Bye!

(Sorry for the lack of photographs, I haven’t been entirely organised on that front!!!)


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