Study With Me #2

Wow, lucky you! Two posts two days in a row! This is to make up for when I didn’t post for about two weeks! However, in those two weeks I was doing lots of college work so I thought now is a good a time as ever to do another Study With Me blog post! This time though there will not a YouTube video to accompany it but I am planning to do one of these fairly soon, whether it actually happens or not is a completely different story! Anyway, let’s find out what I have been up to…


I have been doing a lot of Psychology work lately, and as I said in my last post I’m even ahead of my class! Firstly, I want to talk about my Psychology grades. I started Psychology later than the rest of my class (see that whole mess in THIS post) and so my grades started off fairly okay (for someone who had only just started Psychology). I got D in my first two tests, and then it all kind of went downhill from there. As you will also read in my ‘College Update’ post I just linked a few sentences ago, I started having lots of hospital appointments and so I was missing lessons. I was already behind and this made it worse! I got 3 Us in a row! Long story short, I finally caught up and my test results instantly improved! I went from UUU to ABB in my last three assessments! Woo! Just goes to show hard work can pay off!

Now let’s talk about what you actually came for, the work that I have done! On the 16th December, I had my first mock exam, and having just recently got an A I was determined to do well. Firstly, I wrote a list of everything I needed to study/revise which I found useful to follow so I recommend this!

In addition to this, I made some flashcards, posters and some revision booklets. I also used some pre-made flashcards from Tutor2U to study from as well! I’m guessing these worked as I got a B in my exam! I have a blog post with some revision tips HERE┬áif you’d like to check it out as I used many of these myself!

Aside from doing the revision for my exam, I have been doing the homework set by my teacher in my notebook. The notebook I’m currently using for my Psychology home/class work is a 200 page ruled metallic Pukka Pad. The work in the photo below is some notes on Cultural Variations in Attachment and although it wasn’t taken long ago, I have done a lot of work in this notebook since then! I’m hoping to do more of these posts in the future so I’ll have a chance to show you then! That’s it for Psychology now, more to come in the future!


I haven’t been doing almost as much Photography as I’ve been doing Psychology, but that is mainly because I haven’t been falling behind or had an exam to revise for! In terms of grades, my grades only dipped very slightly in the middle but that was because I was ‘recovering’ from doing four subjects and it only dropped to a C. So far in Photography I have got CBCA which I am quite happy about!

Unfortunately, I haven’t got many pictures of my photography work, but basically what I’ve been doing is my coursework. I have an A3 sketchbook where I put all of my work, for instance evidence of shoot planning, contact sheets and of course photographs! In the first picture is something I did a while ago. It is the first page of my sketchbook and so it is basically a title page! The following three pictures are examples of my work in the sketchbook. Firstly is my step-by-step guide of how I made a photogram in the dark room, the second is some artist research I did for some of the darkroom things I did at college and thirdly is some scanography that I did (all of the pictures in that picture were taken using a scanner!)!


I will try and include more photography in future posts if I can!!

An Announcement

I also have a little announcement to make and I thought this was the perfect post to announce it on! I’m currently in the process of setting up an Etsy store as I have created some printables that I think are great for students! I currently only have a ‘to do list’ printable pack that contains 3 styles of to do list to suit your needs in a variety of colours! Here’s a little sneak peek:

All 12 documents will soon be available as instant download PDFs! I will update you as soon as they are available via twitter (@JesssLouiseeee) and my study instagram account! (@jess_studies_).

Wow, so this is quite a long post now! I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading!


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