START BLOGGING: Should You Go Self-Hosted?

Yesterday we talked about and Blogger. These are both free hosted blogging platforms. Today I will be talking about diving in the deep end and going self hosted! I’m not a techy expert, but I’ll tell you what I do know… mainly from experience and other people!

Self-Hosted essentially means you control everything on the site. You have utmost freedom and you own it! I think anyway! The thing is, it costs money. You need a host, a theme and a domain…. No more .blogspot .wordpress sub-domains for you! I went self-hosted and I’m telling you…It.Was.Worth.It!

Quick little warning: I’d only recommend this after you’d been blogging a while seeing as it costs money and everything. I started out on a free site and it was only when I got super serious about it that I even considered going self-hosted! I now use, which is an excellent self-hosting platform! I was able to move easily from as well without losing any of my content! Result! As I mentioned yesterday Pipdig have an amazing migration service from blogger to wordpress too!

Let’s start with a host, you need a host! The host basically maintains your site and keeps it on the internet, as far as I am aware! I use one of my mum’s friends who just so happens to have a web hosting company, but I know everyone doesn’t have that! I’ve heard Siteground is a good one, and they are even recommended by WordPress (I seem to remember…). Prices start at only £2.75 a month and they offer a 1-click install of which makes it super simple for you! (basically you needn’t worry about techy stuff!)

A theme is the layout and design of the site… You’ll probably need to buy one of these too! I got my theme from and I LOVE it! Best theme I’ve ever had, super easy to install (pipdig can even do it for you!), and amazing customer support! 100% would recommend! Their themes are so pretty too!

You’ll definitely need a domain, you can’t go self hosted without one! I got mine from a site called 123 reg and I pay £15 (I think, or it might be £7 I can’t remember…) a year. This has to be the best thing I’ve ever done, previously all my domains were jessslouise.[something] or at one point I had Now I have Jesslouise! My actual name! It looks so much better than with the three S’s!

Overall, I would totally recommend going self-hosted if you can afford it, but like I said only if you’re super serious about blogging and want to take it to a professional level, or even make it your job! This is probably the best thing I’ve done to my blog and I’ve never been more pleased with it! I’ve had compliments from other people too! Next on my agenda for this blog is to make sure all of my posts are perfectly written and the photos are appealing. Then my blog will finally be perfect!

Tomorrow I’m going to be talking through my recommended apps to use alongside blogging to make it easier!

Bye for now!



  1. 10th January 2018 / 4:27 pm

    What’s your mum’s friend’s business called? Would other people be able to use it? Loving your posts at the moment 💞

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