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START BLOGGING: How To Use Social Media To Get Traffic

In my last post, I mentioned the importance of using Social Media to get the most out of your blog and now I’m going to tell you exactly how you can go about that!

Let’s start with Twitter. Twitter is built around the use of hashtags, which can be a potential for huge blog traffic coming your way, if you do it right! For instance, if you’re blogging about something very topical or popular for example when Stranger Things 2 first came out, then I would encourage you to use that #StrangerThings2 hashtag as people interested in it may look up the hashtag and see your post! Hashtags can be very powerful at times in social media. Twitter is also full of blog retweet accounts which simply exist to retweet people’s blog posts. Some of them have a large following and there’s potential for thousands to see your post! All you have to do is use their hashtag or tag them. Some of them require you to follow as well but not all! Some of the ones I use are: #BloggersTribe, #BloggerBabesRT, #BloggingGals, #beechat, #fblchat, #bblogRT, @GRLPOWRCHAT, @FemaleBloggerRT, @QualityBlogRT. There are many others too!

I find Instagram harder to gain traffic from, and I’m sure many other bloggers have had the same problem. Since Instagram changed their algorithm, engagement and following hasn’t been particularly good. But you can still use it! Just like Twitter, the use of the right hashtag can go a long way! There’s sooo many hashtags you can use on Instagram, for instance: #Blogger #Blogging #Blog #BlogPromo and then there’s ones for each type of blogger: #FashionBlogger #StyleBlog #BlogStyle #FoodBlogger #TravelBlog #TravelBlogging #BeautyBlogger #LifestyleBlogger, #BloggerLife #MentalHealthBlogger and the list goes on! I think there is also a correlation between how aesthetically pleasing and high quality your photo is, and engagement. Try really hard to take photos that people are going to like the look of! Oh, and make sure your blog link in in the bio!

Facebook isn’t very hashtag based so there’s no real point in wasting time doing that! But it’s easy to like and share posts which comes up in other people’s timelines! You can also pay a small fee and run an advert for a while, this could bring in loads of traffic! You can do this on Instagram, Pinterest (I think!) and Twitter too!

For Pinterest, I recommend making a board just for all your blog posts! After you’ve published a post it can go straight up on there, I have the Pin It Google Chrome extension (I think!) which makes it mega easy to put my posts onto Pinterest. Try and put things in the description that is relevant to the post. You can use hashtags too! Again though, you’d probably want to use those nice Instagram photos that you took! (winky face!!)

And then there’s Tumblr and Bloglovin’. I don’t use either of theseĀ that much because my posts upload automatically to them! I’m not really much help in this department, sorry! Just make sure they’re regularly updated and especially on Tumblr you use relevant ‘tags’. With Bloglovin’, all to do I think is raise awareness of your account and then eventually people will follow and they’ll get a notification or it’ll come up in their ‘feed’ when you post. I think you can post directly onto Bloglovin’ too… I’m sorry I’m really not to confident on using Bloglovin’!

That’s it I would say for my social media advice. It’s not amazing and I apologise for that! I’ve only been using social media for my blog for about a year so I don’t have half as much experience as I do blogging itself! I hope you can get at least something out of this though! Tomorrow is exciting because I’m going to be chatting about how I plan and manage my blog!

See you then!


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