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START BLOGGING: How To Start Blogging

Anyone who has access to the internet can start a blog, it’s that simple! The best thing about blogging is that it can be anything you want it to be. Passionate about gaming? Perfect! Passionate about makeup? Great! Passionate about cats? Done! You get the gist!! This is one of the first things you should think about, a general theme or something to focus on. For instance, my ‘theme’ is mainly lifestyle, with a hint of fashion, beauty, reviews, recipes and of course a bit about my own life and experiences! I’m a bit of an ‘all-rounder’, I’ve probably got a bit too much to think about if I’m being honest! I didn’t want to restrict myself, but others are more focused on one thing. Here are some blogs I really enjoy and the ‘theme’ they tend to have on their blogs: (Go check them out!!)

  • Kirsty from ‘As Told By Kirsty’ is (I believe) to be very beauty based. She writes a lot about skincare and makeup!
  • Nicole from ‘A Beautiful Chaos’ is very passionate about mental health and she is doing all she can to reduce the stigma around it. Her blog is very focused on this.
  • Jade from ‘BookMuffin’ (who I know personally, Hi Jade!) loves reading and so she is a book blogger. She reviews all kinds of books on her blog!
  • Lily from ‘Lily Pebbles’ is a lifestyle blogger but she also has a hint of beauty and style within her blog too! She’s also due to bring out a book soon, so look out for that!

(Sorry bloggers, I would’ve included more of you but we’d be here all dayyyy!)

So I hope those four have inspired you on a theme for your blog! Next up is a name. This can be something simple like your name (Like myself, Jess Louise, and Lily Pebbles) or it can be something related to your theme, such as ‘BookMuffin’ (a book blog). Once you have an idea and a name for a blog, all’s left to do is start that blog!

All blogs are FREE to start, and can stay free for life. That’s fine! Others decide they want to do so much more with their blogs and start spending money on them. For several years I was running my blog completely free of charge on Blogger (More to come on Blogging platforms tomorrow!) but then I decided I was sick of firstly having 3 S’s in my name, secondly of having ‘.blogspot’ after my name (I was at jessslouise.blogspot.co.uk) and thirdly I was sick of how it looked. So I moved to WordPress.com (again, more on this tomorrow!) and got a new domain (jessslouise.wordpress.com) and a nicer theme, but I still wasn’t satisfied as there was very limited customisation and storage . So I bought my own domain name that doesn’t have three S’s in it, and I bought my own website design and moved over to WordPress.org (more on this on Wednesday!) which is where I am now, much happier!

Tomorrow I will be weighing up the pros and cons of the two free blogging platforms, WordPress.com and Blogger. Then on Wednesday I will be taking it one step further to talk about WordPress.org!

I really hope that this post wasn’t completely pointless and that anyone who does want to start a blog was inspired by this post! Let me know our thoughts in the comments! Also I urge you to check out those bloggers that I shouted out, they deserve it!

See you tomorrow to talk about WordPress.com VS Blogger!



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