START BLOGGING: 7 Part Series!

Have you ever thought about starting a blog but you have no idea where to even start? Luckily for you I’m here to help you, so if you thought this new year ‘You know what, this year I’d really like to start a blog!’ I’m hoping that I will be able to give you a head start!

EVERYDAY next week there will be a new post that will (I would hope!) help you become the blogger you want to be! (If you’re not interested in blogging, it’s still worth a read!). Here’s what I will be talking about:

Day One (Mon): How to Start Blogging

Day Two (Tue): VS Blogger

Day Three (Wed): Should you go Self-Hosted?

Day Four (Thurs): Best Apps for Bloggers

Day Five (Fri): How to Use Social Media to maximise your traffic

Day Six (Sat): How I Plan My Blog

Day Seven (Sun): Blog Post Ideas

I believe that once you have read these posts, that the foundations for blogging will be set. It’s basically everything I wish I knew when I started blogging back when I was 13 years old! As I mentioned before, even if you’re not interested in blogging, this information may be transferable to other things. If you’re already a blogger, I don’t know, maybe you’ll find out some things you didn’t know before! This could be rubbish or it could be amazing I really don’t know I’ve never done something like this before!

Anyway, I really hope that this mini series will be of use to you! I’m sorry if the information is incorrect or misleading, I will only be writing from my own experiences I have had from blogging which I can guarantee will be different to anyone else’s! If blogging is a goal you have for 2018, I will be really glad to help you achieve you goal. You can see my goals for 2018 HERE

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