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Happy Birthday To Me!

Yep so, today is my birthday and I turned 17 years old (so yep that means I was born in 2000)!! I’m surprised I’ve made it this far. Wow, sixteen went around fast! It’s officially my last year of legally being a child…SCARY! So what can I do now? I live in the UK, and 17 is quite a big birthday for some because I can now legally learn to drive! (I urge everyone to avoid the road for the next 10 years, it’s safer for both of us!)

Yesterday, I had a hospital appointment in London at around 12pm and so afterwards me and my mum decided to use the day to do some things for my birthday! Firstly we went to Kings Cross Station to see Platform 9 3/4 and the Harry Potter shop. It was so cool, I wanted EVERYTHING! I didn’t get anything but at least now I have Christmas List Ideas!

Train Ticket

The Trolley in the Wall at Platform 9 3/4, Kings Cross (London)

Me outside the Platform 9 3/4 shop!

Then we travelled down to Oxford Street to do a little bit of shopping. I went to Primark where they had a whole Harry Potter section!

A cute mug in Primark!

Me in Primark

Some Harry Potter Bedding!

All the letters!

I bought some things in Primark but not Harry Potter stuff, surprisingly. I also went into Topshop, Sports Direct and New Look! (I can’t remember exactly what I bought from everywhere though because I wrote this post last night and my mum wouldn’t let me have the stuff until this morning because it ‘wasn’t my birthday yet’! UPDATE: I got some jeans, a skirt, some leggings, a new sports bra, a jumper and a comfy cardigan!)

Christmas Display Outside Hamley’s (Regent Street)

Christmas Display in Selfridges

Me hugging a giant Stitch in the Disney Store, which unfortunately I didn’t buy!

Today is going to be a pretty bland day unfortunately. I’ve got to go into college at 1pm to see my tutor; I have to speak to her about my report. This evening I’ve got to go to my old secondary school to pick up my GCSE certificate and my old GCSE coursework.

Not all is bad though because I got some cool things, such as the shopping I did yesterday, my first driving lesson and a new mat to practice my gymnastics skills on.  I also had a nice cooked brekkie with my parents! Tomorrow I’m going to a trampoline park as it is an inset day! You’ll be able to read all about that on Monday as I’m going to do a post on it! On Saturday I’m going out for a meal with my friends and then I’m having a sleep over! Here’s to sleep deprivation!

New Mat ft. Clothes I bought in London yesterday!

So yeah, bring on the next year!

New Post Tomorrow!



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