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Quizlet Review

My exam is finally over and done with, so I thought that I’d review a nifty little tool that aided me with my revision. It’s a computer and smartphone app called Quizlet, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention it before! It’s a clever little thing actually. Of course, it’s flashcards, but there’s also other modes you can use as well (more on that later!). It’s also FREE but you can upgrade to Quizlet GO and Quizlet PLUS to get additional perks (more on that later too!). What did I think of it?

Quizlet Review

As aforementioned, I think that this is quite a clever revision tool and works for thousands, I imagine, students across the country and even more possibly across the globe! You can write up study sets of key words, questions or anything you like and categorise them by topic or subject.


Now onto the ‘modes’, aka the things you can do to study once the sets are written up! Firstly there’s the ‘Learn’ mode which think is pretty amazing. It starts of easier and gradually gets harder, and it also goes over the same thing over and over again so that you learn it essentially!

Next there’s ‘Cards’, which is exactly what it suggests. You can use what you’ve written up as digital flashcards! You can even set a cool background (called a theme).

Then there’s ‘Write’. You are literally given one half of your flashcard and you have to type out the other side! I think that this is so simple, yet can be really quite effective for your memory!

‘Match’ is the next mode you can use. It’s basically a game of pairs! Your flashcards are scattered across a grid and you have to match the question and answer (or key word and definition!) as fast as you can! It’s a fun way to test your knowledge!

Then there’s ‘Test’, which basically tests you on all your flashcards in a multitude of questions! This is good for finding out where you are least confident!

All of the above is available on the mobile app for Quizlet. On a laptop or computer, there are two additional modes, ‘Spell’ and ‘Gravity’. In ‘Spell’, you are given half of the flashcard and then the other half is spoken to you and you write what you hear! If you spell it wrong, it spells it out to you as well! ‘Gravity’ is another game, you are given half of the flashcard and it comes down in an asteroid and you have to type the answer as fast as you can to stop it colliding with the planet! Fun!


Those are the modes, let’s talk about upgrades! As I said, it is free and it can stay free forever! But I have Quizlet Go. Quizlet Go is ad free, allows you to use premium themes and you can use night mode which is kinder on the eyes for that late night cramming! Guess how much it is? Go on, guess! Oh ok, I’ll tell you. Quizlet Go is abbbbbout 20p a month! Which isn’t very much at all considering how useful it is! Quizlet Plus is a bigger upgrade. You have access to everything in Quizlet Go (and free of course) as well as the ability to add images to study sets, create sets from scanned texts, studying offline and more! Quizlet Plus is £1.62 a month!

Accessing Other People’s Sets

Finally, I know that writing up ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL your key terms can be quite tedious, but you can search other people’s sets and diagrams too to aid you in your study! This is good when you don’t have time to write everything up! You can also search your friends via username!


Overall, I thing Quizlet is such a nifty and useful tool for students everywhere and I kinda wish I used it a bit more for my transfer exam! I definitely will use it more running up to my A Level Exams! If you’re interested about what I’ve written up on Quizlet, you can search my name: @jessbrodie

RATING: 5 Stars!

RECOMMEND? Definitely

I hope you enjoyed my Quizlet review and I also hope that I catch up with this whole blogging thing very soon! I mean I am going away next week and the week after but that’s not gonna stop me!

Thanks for reading – happy studying!

(Sorry for the definitive lack of images on this post!!)


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