Desk Tour!

I’m slowly, but surely beginning to catch up with blogging! Soon, I’ll be back to just two posts a week; one on Monday and one of Friday. Then, in September, things are going to change a little but don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere! Anyway, I thought for this post I’d show you a tour of my little working space, a.k.a where all the magic happens! Yes, that’s blogging magic and college magic!

If you’d like to see some elements in more detail, I’d advise you to check out my Desk Tour video I did on my newly revamped YouTube channel. It’s on the channel previously known as Jess Louise. I’ve changed it to JessStudies as I feel that it is much more fitting to the channel. Here is the video: Desk Tour Video. (And HERE’s a link to the channel)

Desk Tour:

This is my desk! It’s from Ikea and it isn’t that THAT big so that’s why I have a little extension on the side! It technically doesn’t match the other furniture in my room but it looks like it does!

Storage Box

This is on the very left-hand side of my desk, on the floor, and it’s a bit of a mess at the moment! In this box I keep my files, papers that I need to file and my college bag when I’m not using it! I’m not entirely sure where the box is from but you can get them in HobbyCraft. Most of the files are from WHSmith, except the back one which is from Sainsbury’s! I got my college bag off of Amazon and the labels on my files I made using my HP Sprocket!

Desk: Left-Hand Side

On the very end of my desk I keep two coasters, one for me and one for a friend and my pencil cases so that I can get to them easily! One pencil case is from SuperDry and the other is from WHSmith! Under the shelf unit, I tend to keep my HP Sprocket, my Ted Baker spray, a spare inhaler and a couple of Starbucks cups that double as pen pots! I bought some new colouring pencils since these pictures were taken so I now have three cups there! In the cups I keep random pieces of stationery that I use quite a lot!

On the first shelf I keep some Sellotape, a stapler, a hole punch, a pot of bulldog clips, some marble post-it notes, some arrow post-it notes and some sticky tabs! I’m not entirely sure where the tape, the stapler or the hole punch is from, but I think these are quite easily available from Ryman, WHSmith, Staples or Office Outlet. The clips are from Sainsbury’s Home range, the arrow post-its are from Amazon and the marble post-its and tabs are from WHSmith!

On the top shelf, I keep my cactus, named Bill, which I got from my local garden centre along with my camera memory cards and adaptors and a desk vacuum! The desk vac is very useful when I’m bullet journalling as I can use it to sweep away my rubbings! I got it for Christmas but I’m not sure where it’s from!

Top of Desk

On the very top of my desk, I like to keep a box of tissues (which has now just run out!) and I like to have a reed diffuser (from Sainsbury’s I think) there so that it smells nice! It also looks nice, so win-win! Up there, I additionally have a couple of Bath & Body Works Pocketbacs because I love them so much! The green one is Juicy Watermelon and the red one is Japanese Cherry Blossom! Next to that I have a small tea light, but I tend not to light it because I have a nice Yankee Candle and a nice one that my Grandma got me from Sainsbury’s, which I prefer to light because they’re slightly saver and smell SOOOOOOOO nice! I got the big J from a shop on Southwold Pier, but I’ve seen them in other places and I got the cute lil hat on a bottle of Innocent smoothie!

On the wall, I have the signs that my friend, Alicia, bought for me. I’m pretty sure they’re from Homebase, but don’t quote me on that! The prints are just off of the internet, I used washi tape to frame them! That cat in the corner is my calendar, my mum bought it for me either just before or for Christmas and I think it is from the Calendar Club!

Desk: Middle

In the centre of my desk I have a textbook holder which I got from Amazon! The sticker on the side next to it is the Grey’s Anatomy logo! Most of the prints are from Dot Creates‘ site except the Pumpkin Spice one which I got from a Treatbox from Treatbox UK. At the right hand side I have my college timetable! I will be putting a new one there in about a month!

Desk: Right Hand Side

On the very right hand side of my desk I keep several things! Firstly, there is my bullet journal which I won in a giveaway from Leaf Graph Paper on Instagram, and I love it! I’m not even afraid to admit that it is totally Grey’s Anatomy themed! Next I have my Psychology, Chemistry and Biology textbooks, along with my stethoscope which I absolutely love! It’s white and rose gold; you can see it in the desk tour video! Then, I have my diary, my to do list pad and my blog planner and these are really useful to have on my desk! I now also have my new Anatomy Colouring Book there too!!

Small Table

Next to my desk I have a small table where I keep a few extra things. I have two Starbucks cups with highlighters and brush pens in! Most of the highlighters are Zebra Mildliners which I bought from Amazon, and I have a few Stabilo Swing Cool highlighters too from WHSmith! I then have two Zoella Beauty bags from Superdrug! In one I have Sharpies which I got from Tesco and in the other I have Crayola Supertips which I also got from Tesco!

In the letter tray, I have my Sainsbury’s home weekly planner, my Whitelines notebooks from Amazon, a library book and several important papers!

At the back I keep my medals! I have four from gymnastics competitions, three from the Color Obstacle Rush, another gymnastics one for completing my badges and a few swimming ones!

Desk Drawers and Cupboard

I have two drawers and a cupboard in my desk. Let’s start with the big drawer! In this drawer I mainly have various stationery items, double sided tape and stickers! Then, in the small drawer I have my spare Muji gel pens (from Muji), my flashcards (from Amazon and Sainsbury’s) and my flashcard boxes from Amazon! In the cupboard I have my subject notebooks on the top shelf which are Pukka Pads from Ryman. On the middle shelf I have some spare photographs from photography, a mouse mat and some sticky labels and on the bottom shelf I mainly have plastic wallets and folders!

Under the Desk

Under my desk I keep my photography sketchbook, my trimmer/guillotine, my HP laptop bag from Argos, spare plain paper and spare carrier bags and also my bin. Occasionally you’ll see a cat under there too!

I know it’s super long, but I hope you enjoyed my Desk Tour! I’ve included some links to websites or b’og posts so you can find out more information if you like! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

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Thanks for reading – what’s your favourite part of my desk?

5 Things To NOT Do When Studying

I’ve covered various studying topics such as stress, revision tips and productivity, but I’ve never mentioned what I believe you shouldn’t do whilst you’re studying. Obviously, the aim of having a study session is to get as much information into your head as possible. Not doing certain things maximises the information that goes into your head and so I thought I’d share with you some things I recommend you never do when trying to study:


… Study Without Water!

No, never study without water (and I mean WATER). You must keep hydrated in order to keep you brain engaged and focused on what you’re doing. If you want to have another drink as well, such as coffee, you need to make sure you have a cup/bottle of water as well. This is because coffee etc. is not nearly as hydrating as water. Water is clean and fresh and your brain will like you a lot if you drink it!

… Watch something whilst studying!

Whereas it might sound like a great idea to watch the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy whilst revising for your American History exam (two birds one stone, am I right???), it is not. Likely you’ll be too far sucked into the world of Seattle Grace Hospital are more likely to remember the last person Meredith kissed (because who knows who that was!!), than any actual American History. If you’re studying you should focus completely on what you’re meant to be doing, not anything else. Otherwise, what’s the point? You can use watching things as a reward to do after studying! Unless you have to watch a TED talk/webinar etc. I don’t recommend watching anything until you’re done!

… Have too many distractions!

This links with the last point but this time, I’m bringin’ out the big guns! Distractions include: Social Media, Tumblr, Friends who are not studying, noisy siblings, the PlayStation, your phone and more. I know you’re thinking, how do I avoid these? Luckily, I have solutions!

For anything distracting on your computer/phone/tablet, I highly recommend the Forest app. I’ve mentioned it before. On your phone/tablet, you select the amount of time you want to study for and it grows a little tree in your phone. If you leave the app, it dies! On a computer, it’s a similar concept except you type in distracting websites and it kills the tree if you go onto them. If you’re not that disciplined, you could ask someone to take your phone for you whilst you’re studying and you could use a temporary website blocker to block distracting websites (still allowing ou access to websites you may actually need).

For dealing with distracting people around you, I highly recommend a trip to the library. You can study in there almost distraction free. You get a decent amount of space and most libraries offer free computer use/WiFi.

Listening to quiet, not too overpowering, music is fine. It has been shown to help some people study!

… Not take breaks!

It’s very important to take breaks because your brain can’t deal with too much information and you’ll become tired. You should take an at least 30 minute – 1 hour break (minimum) for every 2 hours of studying. You can’t study all the time, you need to relax too.

… Study too late at night!

I don’t know if I’m weird or not, but I love getting up early because I feel much more energised and like I have loads more time to do the things I want to do! That isn’t the point I’m trying to make here, I’m not saying we should ALL get up at the crack of dawn! I believe that you shouldn’t study too far into the evening to the point it interferes with your wake-sleep pattern. Your sleep is just as, if not more, important that your studies and in order to study well, you need adequate sleep. You see, it’s all connected! This isn’t a problem for me as I do things much earlier in the day!

You also shouldn’t cram all night! This isn’t healthy and your brain will not appreciate it and your exam performance may suffer. What you should do is revise/create revision materials of the course of the year/term/module so that you can revise near your exam without it affecting your sleep pattern!

I hope this post is useful for some of you and improves your studying experience!

Thanks for reading – what are you currently studying?

What I’m Doing At University #1

I’ve mentioned a few times now that I was going to do a post about my university plans, and now I’ve decided to do it! No, I haven’t yet applied for university yet. Applications can be submitted from the 5th September and they have to be in by the 15th January. However, I have chosen the courses I want to apply for (You can choose up to five!) and I’ve near enough finished my application. I thought that now would be a good time to explain some of my future plans as in September 2019, I could begin pursuing them! Obviously it is still early days, anything could happen. Of course, I’ll be updating you along the way, but this is what I’ve got so far:

My University Plans

You’ve probably seen my University Open Days post where I mentioned that I already knew where I wanted to go prior to the open days, but I didn’t say where! The university I have chosen to apply for is the University of Sussex. Out of the three I visited, I liked Sussex the most. It’s closest to home, it offers the courses I want to do and it’s a good, well respected university. The other two, unfortunately, didn’t get that adrenaline running so much even though they are also great universities and lots of students love them. Sussex is the place for me though, I can feel it. I’m planning to go back to another open day in September or October so I can find out as much information as possible before I need to focus on passing my A Levels.

I want to live my first year in university halls. I know it’ll be tough living away from home and my parents, but I feel like I’ll be able to absorb myself and appreciate university life more. Obviously, having not applied yet, I haven’t applied for accommodation either. That’ll come in another update! I want to able to adjust and get in a proper routine in my first year, when not much matters, before I get chucked in the deep end! If all else fails, I’m only an hour and half away on the train, or half an hour by car.

Now for the important bit, choices! Choosing courses was tough for me because I’m not going to come out of college with three A Levels, which is the entry requirement for most courses. I’m coming out with two full A Levels (Photography and Psychology), an AS Level (Biology) and an EPQ (Psychology based, worth an AS Level). So, I’ll have the equivalent of three A Levels, but I won’t actually have three A Levels. It’s complicated. I have used up all five of my course choices, and they’re all for the University of Sussex. My five choices are Biomedical Science BSc, Medical Neuroscience BSc, Psychology Bsc, Biosciences Foundation Year and Psychology Foundation Year. I have to apply for the two foundation years because I have to accept that I don’t, and won’t, meet the exact entry requirements for the full bachelor degrees from the get-go. I spoke with someone from admissions and they said that I should apply for the full courses too as I might be able to go in as a special case (as I didn’t choose to drop my third A Level). This way it saves me from having to go into clearing, or adjustment on results day.

My top choice is Biomedical Science, or the Bioscience Foundation Year if I don’t make it straight on. The foundation year allows me to get my skills up in order to partake in the full degree (in my case it could be either Biomedical Science or Medical Neuroscience) after successfully completing the year. If I do Biomedical Science, I would ideally like to go on to do Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM) at Brighton & Sussex Medical School, or St George’s University, London. This is what I really want to do, but of course I have alternative options if this doesn’t go as planned.

I chose Medical Neuroscience as well as Biomedical Science because having my full Psychology A Level means I have a better chance of getting onto the course as it is one of the entry requirements. I can still go on to do GEM from here, but I chose Biomedical Science over this because I think that I’d be more interested in it, and it’d be more useful. But this course certainly holds a lot of interest for me too, otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen it.

Then there’s Psychology. I’m good at Psychology and it’s currently my favourite subject, but it’s now serving as my back up plan. Psychology is my back up plan because ideally I won’t need the foundation year in this course (though I’m still applying to be on the safe side) and so I can get straight onto it. I don’t think I want to make Psychology my career though, as my as I enjoy it. I wouldn’t turn it down if there was absolutely no way of getting onto my top choices though. I wouldn’t be unhappy, it’s still medical related and I can still help people, which is my prime goal I guess.

I’m trying everything I can to get onto my top choice. I’m doing hospital work experience, I’m teaching myself A Level Chemistry (the college won’t allow me to take up another course, not without dropping photography anyway which would leave me with only one A Level) and I’m going to be delving deep into some Biochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry Future Learn courses. So, nobody can say I didn’t try!

This is all I know at the moment, I’ll be sure to write updates as the situation progresses! My UCAS application is pretty much ready to go, just got to polish off those final details in my Personal Statement!

Thanks for reading – what are your future plans?

GRWM: Gymnastics

I’ve never done a Get Ready With Me post before because I don’t really go anywhere, except gymnastics! I thought that I’d try it out! I’m going to explain the steps I take almost every week in order to get ready to go to gymnastics. I always have gymnastics in the evening and I have it every Thursday and Friday and occasionally Wednesday. So, let’s get ready for gymnastics:

GRWM: Gymnastics


I start getting reading for gymnastics at roughly 4pm, as my classes (except the Wednesday one) start at 6pm. Most of the time, especially in the winter, I start off by having a warm bath. This is to warm my muscles through a bit so that I am not really really stiff when I go to stretch. After I get out the bath, I tend to lightly moisturise my arms and legs so that it isn’t too horrible when my coach goes to spot me!

STEP TWO: Stretch

I like to stretch immediately after I get out the bath while my muscles are still nice and warm so that it is a bit easier. I also like to do it so that it doesn’t matter so much if I haven’t stretched properly during the proper warm up!

STEP THREE: Get Changed

I would then get changed into my leotard, and usually shorts as well. For some reason, I always wear shorts at my Thursday class, but I haven’t be wearing them at my Friday class lately!

STEP FOUR: Wash Face

I like to wash my face before gym so that I can remove any makeup I may have on and so that I feel a bit fresher.


After that, I would sort out my hair. It must be tied up for gym. I usually opt for a pony tail with a scrunchie! A good hack I discovered for sweeping away all those baby hairs at the front, is to spray some hairspray onto an old/unused toothbrush and gently brush back the hairs towards your pony tail! Trust me it works!

STEP SIX: Practise Basic Skills

If I have time before dinner, I would usually use the time to practise some skills! If it’s nice outside, I would go on the trampoline, or if it isn’t then I just do what I can in the house! I don’t do too much though or I wouldn’t have the energy to do anything at gym!


At around 5pm or before, I would have dinner. I don’t like to have it much later than that because I need it to settle in my stomach before I start leaping around!

STEP EIGHT: Sort Out Bag

I would then make sure I have everything I need in my gym bag! If you’d like to see what’s in my gym bag, check out THIS post!

STEP NINE: Look Presentable

Just before I leave, I go and put some proper clothes on over my leotard etc. especially when it’s cold in the winter!

STEP TEN: Leave!

Finally, I would either get in the car to leave or walk to gymnastics!

I hope you enjoyed my first GRWM post!

Thanks for reading

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser Review

You may have seen my Glossier ‘’ review back in April, where I did a mini review of the free sample of Milky Jelly Cleanser I recieved. Now, I finally took the plunge and bought myself a full sized bottle! I quite liked the free sample and luckily I like the real thing just as much! Although some of Glossier’s products can be slightly expensive I do honestly think that it is worth it! I’ve had a very good experience with their products so far! Anyway, here’s my experience of the Milky Jelly Cleanser:

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser Review

I thought I’d start by explaining what the Milky Jelly Cleanser is, that would probably make sense! Milky Jelly Cleanser is a conditioning face wash that can be used on wet or dry skin. It comes in a 177ml (6 FL OZ) bottle with an easy to use pump. Now, it isn’t just another moisturiser. You can’t just rub it in and go about your day. You massage it gently onto your face and then rinse it. I tend to use a wet flannel to rinse it off. It’s a face cleaner, you see. You can use it to simply wash your face but it also removes makeup. Result!

I didn’t expect to like it that much, but I really do! Using it at the start of the day wakes me up and it makes your skin so soft! I apply it using my hands, but I’m certain there’s other ways of doing it! A great bonus is that it SMELLS GOOD! I actually want to put it on my face! I can also see the bottle lasting quite a while! It can feel slightly sticky at first but that goes away really quickly and leaves you super soft!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this product. It soothes, moisturises and the best part is that Glossier’s brand is cruelty free! Milky Jelly Cleanser costs £15 on for the full sized bottle or £8 for a mini 66ml (2 FL OZ). Click HERE if you’d like to get 10% off your first Glossier order, you won’t regret it!

I hope you enjoyed my 2nd Glossier review! I also hope that you’ve enjoyed all my recent posts!

*This post contains no affliate link however using the 10% off link allows me to gain store credit but this doesn’t affect you or your order in any way, except the fact you get money off*

Thanks for reading – are you going to try out Glossier?