My Reading List

Books, Books, Books!

This is my first Book Club post! I originally started it as Book Worm but then I thought Book Club sounded better!

Who doesn't loveeee books? I have soooo many books I want to read so I thought that I'd share them with you! Here you are, my TBR! (That rhymes! TBR stands for 'To Be Read (as in red not reed))

My Reading List:

  • Finish reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (I've read bits of all of them before but I want to read them properly!)
  • Quidditch through the ages
  • The Tales of Beedle the Bard
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • All the Bright Places (Jennifer Niven)
  • Hunger Games series
  • Since You've been gone (Morgan Manson)
  • Everything Everything (Nicola Yoon)
  • We Were Liars (E. Lockhart)
  • Fangirl
  • A Street Cat named Bob
  • Paper Towns (read it before years ago, but I can't remember)

There's probably more but we'll be here for a long time!

Now sit down with a nice cuppa tea (or coffee or water or juice or whatever) and read some books! In the future I'm thinking about recommending books, you know, like an actual book club. So get excited if you like books!

Read safely!

P.S Happy 40th Birthday Mum 🙂 <3

Macaroni Cheese Recipe


First recipe post, hurray! Now, this is a but of a strange recipe post because normally I do baking things, such as cookies and cake but I thought that it would be a great idea (and to throw everyone off, muhaha!) to do an actual meal recipe (if you get my drift..?)

Macaroni cheese is great! It literally combines pasta……and cheese which is good because it means it can be quite plain (literally the pasta and cheese) but you can also add more to it, or serve it with different things to make it more flavoured, if that’s to your taste. But who can’t beat a basic Mac n’ Cheese! (well, except if you don’t like cheese… or pasta!)

So yeah, here we go!



  • 150/180g Pasta (perhaps Penne, Macaroni, Fusilli, you get the idea!)
  • 40g butter
  • 60g plain flour
  • 400ml milk
  • 80g grated cheese
  • Pinch salt
  • Pepper


1 .If the pasta isn’t a particularly fast cooking pasta, I recommend you start with putting the pasta on. Cook it in boiling water until soft (or ‘al dente’ if you want to get all Gordon Ramsey about it!)

Here is the Pasta, not actually cooking as only one of the hob rings work and I had to do the cheese sauce first. Thankfully, it’s that quick cook stuff!

2. Now you can begin on your delicious cheese sauce, Firstly you need to weigh and then melt the butter into a sauce pan.

Don’t base your butter measurements on that picture as I accidentally put in too much! You only need 40g!

3. It gets a bit weird from here, but now you need to add the flour and it looks a little bit like this:

This is butter and flour. Looks a bit gross, I know!

Cook this on the heat for a couple of minutes

4. Remove whatever ever that is from the heat and GRADUALLY add the milk.

Here’s the first splash of milk…


……Bit more added!


There, that’s how it should look… All the milk added now!

Put back on the heat once you’ve added all the milk and stir continuously until it begins to thicken!

5. Now the bit you’ve been waiting for, the cheese! Add MOST (not all) the grated cheese to your sauce and also add salt and pepper!

Cheesy, isn’t it?

Heat until all the cheese has melted, still stirring all the time!

The Cheese Sauce

That’s it for the Cheese sauce!

6. Now place a little bit of the cheese sauce in the bottom of an oven proof dish, like so:

Drain the pasta, and put it in the oven proof dish too!

Drainy, drainy.


Almost there!

Plop the rest of the sauce on top…


…And add the remaining cheese!

Very nearly done!

7. If you like, you can add sliced tomato to the top too! Put it under a hot grill until the cheese just starts to brown and the tomatoes (if there’s any) are cooked.

Now wait….

8. Macaroni Cheese can be served with triangles of toast (trUST ME, it’s GREATTTT!) or green salad leaves. You’d better prepare them whilst it’s in the oven…

Hahahhaha, ignore the dirty toaster!

9. When it comes out the oven it should look a little something like this:

*mouth waters*

It’s ready to serve…. Enjoy!

Mac n’ Cheese n’ Toast



So I hope you enjoyed that recipe! The next one will be a sweet thing, promise! There’ll be something for everyone!

Sorry for the terrible photos hahahah! Hopefully the nice ones on my other post will make up for it?

Oh yes, I highly recommend printing the recipe if you want to use it… and I dunno stick it in a scrapbook or something… Do what you want with it!


Notice anything?

Hello and welcome back!

You’re now at…. Not or, I promise this is the last time I’ll do that! I’ve moved across from to self hosted wordpress (Ooooooooooooo! Yeah don’t worry, I don’t really know what that means either!). All I know it means that I get this awesome new look site, do you like? I do!

To tie in with my new site, I’ve edited (and deleted) some of the previous posts, for example, new photos and my new blog signature (see bottom of post!) so be sure to check them out!

This now means, however, that ANY OLD LINKS WILL NOT WORK (could it BE any more obvious? Haha Friends reference cos I’m sad like that) so DON’T USE THEM! I  mean I’m sorry for shouting and everything but it’s important that you don’t end up at a dead end because that’ll be sad!

I’m so excited about this yayyyy! Don’t forget to contact me (info on THIS page) for any requests or questions!

Yeah, well, that’s that!


SEE look there, that’s that signature I was telling you about. It’s right thereeeeee!


My Bullet Journal!


So this is something a little different that I haven’t ever done on any blog I’ve had. I thought that I’d talk to you a little bit about my Bullet Journal. Now I know you’re thinking ‘What’s a bullet journal?????’, but don’t go away yet I’m about to tell you…

The Bullet Journal is a customisable and forgiving organisation system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.

That was taken from the official Bullet Journal website ( It’s basically anything you want in to be. Keep your eyes peeled because I’m going to do a post about how to bullet journal in the near future!

In my bullet journal, I have a variety of pages including: a contents page, a year overview, a birthday calendar, a page with ideas for blog posts and a few pages dedicated to Harry Potter. I have sections in there too which are the months. For example in August I have an overview, a habit tracker, a sleep log and a food log followed by a double-page spread of each week, where I make notes about what’s happening and what I need to do. It sounds complicated, but it easy once you know what you’re doing. I got a lot of inspiration for it off of Pinterest, Google images and Tumblr, so if you’re interested I would check out those! Simply search ‘bullet journal’ and you’ll get the gist of what I’m talking about!

Here’s some photographs of some of the pages (started off with a blank notebook and now I’m here!):

Bullet Journal 1

‘July memories’ and ‘books to read’ page

Bullet Journal 2

Doodle Ideas page

Bullet Journal 3

The start of the July section

Bullet Journal 4

The Birthday Calendar

Bullet Journal 5

The Key to what everything means in the Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal 6

My August Habit Tracker

Bullet Journal 7

August 1st-6th Weekly Spread

Bullet Journal 8

The start of the September section and the (incomplete) September Overview

Bullet Journal 9

July 17th-23rd Weekly Spread

I can’t upload videos directly onto my blog, but I have done a video walk through of my bullet journal so if you’d like to see the WHOLE thing, check out this link to the video I’ve uploaded onto YouTube! (because I’m nice like that!!)


This was probably the most boring post ever but soon I’m going to do a tutorial about starting a bullet journal so that you can do your own one! Yay!

I’ll be less boring next time!!


My Trip to Scotland


I’m going to some proper posts soon, don’t worry they’re not all going to be about me! I’ve got quite a few planned!

Last Saturday (29th) I went on a plane to Inverness, which is quite near the top of Scotland, and I stayed in a nice Premier Inn. At the airport I had breakfast at a restaurant and it was very filling! The flight wasn’t very long so I still had the day to spend once I’d got there.

The afternoon I got there we travelled to somewhere called Lossiemouth to see if it was a good place for my dad to take photos (he’s a photographer!). It was quite cold and windy. We also went to a small village called Brodie because, ironically, its my surname and it was quite weird seeing it everywhere! When I got back to the hotel, I went for dinner at the Brewers Faire restaurant/pub thing next door. I had chicken pieces and chips, which was also quite filling! In the evening, my parents went out to take photos and I stayed in the hotel. I had a nice bath and then I sat in bed and watched Harry Potter (which was on ITV that night, and also it’s my fave!!) with a warm ‘cuppa’ tea and a chocolate bar. I went to bed when that had finished.

Brodie Castle

Brodie Village

The rock my parents went to when I was watching Harry Potter!

In the morning on Sunday, I went to breakfast at the Brewers Faire. I had egg, bacon & beans, half a slice of toast, a flapjack and a mini muffin! I went back to Brodie again so that I could look in the shop because it was closing when I went the previous day. I bought some tea and some fudge and a pack of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans from Harry Potter cos I just like it that much! We got on the road after that towards my aunts house. She lives between Kames, Tighnabruich and Ardlamont (it’s in the middle of nowhere so I don’t really know where it is!) on Arygil’s Secret Coast (to the west of Glasgow).

On the way we stopped off in Inverness town centre to look in a couple of shops. There were ordinary high street shops such as Primark, but also there were some Scottish shops. I got a Brodie tartan scarf and a bandage for my wrist as I had hurt it! The drive was very long and boring but it was made better by the fact I was reading Harry Potter (I promise I’m not getting paid to talk about Harry Potter!!!!!!).

Brodie Scarf

When I arrived, I went straight to the hotel restaurant where my aunt and uncle work for some dinner. I had burger and chips! When I got back to their house I went to bed because it was quite late!

The next day my dad was extremely hungover so we didn’t do anything too strenuous! I had a scone for breakfast because my aunt and uncle have a pop up cafe next to their house and they had baked some to go in there! They have a pop up cafe right next to the only path that leads to this particular beach Ostral (i think that’s how it’s spelt!) bay, which is also known as Kilbride bay and it gets very busy at times so the cafe gets lots of business! I went to a local marina, Portavadie, for some hot chocolate. It was very nice!

My dad’s cappuccino

My hot chocolate!

When I returned to the house, my dad decided to sleep off the hangover so me and my mum sat downstairs. I took the time to make the Facebook page for this blog and make all the new graphics for the different categories. We went back to The Kames (the hotel) to have dinner. This time I had fish and chips. I went to bed when I got back.

Fish n’ Chips

Yesterday was the final day. I had a scone for breakfast again and then I had to pack. For lunch I had a burger from the cafe (look up Kilbride Farm Cafe!) and it was nice! We got on the road after that to Glasgow Airport so that we could drop off the car (it was hired) and check in to our flight. I had a Starbucks at the airport. I had a hot chocolate and a chocolate muffin! The flight was slightly delayed but not by much. I arrived back at Gatwick airport and then I had to catch the train. I had a bath as soon as I got home do that I could relax!

View from the airplane

The next post will be one of my planned posts I promise! All the post categories will have posts in them soon!

See yah soon

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