My Trip to Scotland


I’m going to some proper posts soon, don’t worry they’re not all going to be about me! I’ve got quite a few planned!

Last Saturday (29th) I went on a plane to Inverness, which is quite near the top of Scotland, and I stayed in a nice Premier Inn. At the airport I had breakfast at a restaurant and it was very filling! The flight wasn’t very long so I still had the day to spend once I’d got there.

The afternoon I got there we travelled to somewhere called Lossiemouth to see if it was a good place for my dad to take photos (he’s a photographer!). It was quite cold and windy. We also went to a small village called Brodie because, ironically, its my surname and it was quite weird seeing it everywhere! When I got back to the hotel, I went for dinner at the Brewers Faire restaurant/pub thing next door. I had chicken pieces and chips, which was also quite filling! In the evening, my parents went out to take photos and I stayed in the hotel. I had a nice bath and then I sat in bed and watched Harry Potter (which was on ITV that night, and also it’s my fave!!) with a warm ‘cuppa’ tea and a chocolate bar. I went to bed when that had finished.

Brodie Castle

Brodie Village

The rock my parents went to when I was watching Harry Potter!

In the morning on Sunday, I went to breakfast at the Brewers Faire. I had egg, bacon & beans, half a slice of toast, a flapjack and a mini muffin! I went back to Brodie again so that I could look in the shop because it was closing when I went the previous day. I bought some tea and some fudge and a pack of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans from Harry Potter cos I just like it that much! We got on the road after that towards my aunts house. She lives between Kames, Tighnabruich and Ardlamont (it’s in the middle of nowhere so I don’t really know where it is!) on Arygil’s Secret Coast (to the west of Glasgow).

On the way we stopped off in Inverness town centre to look in a couple of shops. There were ordinary high street shops such as Primark, but also there were some Scottish shops. I got a Brodie tartan scarf and a bandage for my wrist as I had hurt it! The drive was very long and boring but it was made better by the fact I was reading Harry Potter (I promise I’m not getting paid to talk about Harry Potter!!!!!!).

Brodie Scarf

When I arrived, I went straight to the hotel restaurant where my aunt and uncle work for some dinner. I had burger and chips! When I got back to their house I went to bed because it was quite late!

The next day my dad was extremely hungover so we didn’t do anything too strenuous! I had a scone for breakfast because my aunt and uncle have a pop up cafe next to their house and they had baked some to go in there! They have a pop up cafe right next to the only path that leads to this particular beach Ostral (i think that’s how it’s spelt!) bay, which is also known as Kilbride bay and it gets very busy at times so the cafe gets lots of business! I went to a local marina, Portavadie, for some hot chocolate. It was very nice!

My dad’s cappuccino

My hot chocolate!

When I returned to the house, my dad decided to sleep off the hangover so me and my mum sat downstairs. I took the time to make the Facebook page for this blog and make all the new graphics for the different categories. We went back to The Kames (the hotel) to have dinner. This time I had fish and chips. I went to bed when I got back.

Fish n’ Chips

Yesterday was the final day. I had a scone for breakfast again and then I had to pack. For lunch I had a burger from the cafe (look up Kilbride Farm Cafe!) and it was nice! We got on the road after that to Glasgow Airport so that we could drop off the car (it was hired) and check in to our flight. I had a Starbucks at the airport. I had a hot chocolate and a chocolate muffin! The flight was slightly delayed but not by much. I arrived back at Gatwick airport and then I had to catch the train. I had a bath as soon as I got home do that I could relax!

View from the airplane

The next post will be one of my planned posts I promise! All the post categories will have posts in them soon!

See yah soon

My Trip to Disneyland Paris!


So I haven’t posted in a little while (sorry!) but in that time I have been to Disney Land Paris, so I thought I’d share a little bit about it!

I went from Monday 10th July and came back on Friday 14th July and I stayed in Hotel Cheyenne in the Running Bear building. I quite liked the hotel, it was wild west themed and so it was designed like an old wild west town! There was a small shop and a Starbucks Coffee at the hotel and there was also a bar and restaurant (which was being refurbished so only a little bit of it was open). I got there later on in the day on Monday so I didn’t actually go into the park properly that day. I had dinner at Annette’s Diner which is in Disney Village just outside the park and it was very nice. I had a burger (albeit off the kids menu, but never mind about that!) and then afterwards I had a small bowl of ice cream! Mmmmmmm

Tuesday was a hectic day. I got up and went to breakfast at the restaurant in the hotel. I had a bread roll with some butter with a glass of juice and a small cup of ‘cafe au lait’ (literally coffee with milk). There was a lot of choice though; there was fruit and croissants and cereal and more! After breakfast I met Pluto in the hotel reception and had my photo taken with him! Then, I went into the Walt Disney Studio park first of all, right when it first opened! The first ride I went on was Crush’s Coaster, which is Nemo themed! It was very fun, but very dark hahah! After that I think I went on the Tower of Terror which throws you around quite a bit! I then went on Rock n’ Roller Coaster avec Aerosmith (can you tell I went on a lot of rides!) which I really liked for some reason! In the studios, I also went on the Ratatouille ride.

I think then, I stopped for some lunch. I seem to remember going to Casey’s Corner on Main Street USA (Disneyland Park) and I had some star shaped Chicken Nuggets! They were quite nice. After lunch I went on some rides in the park including: The Indiana Jones ride, Hyperspace Mountain (formally known as Space Mountain/Space Mountain Mission 2), Star tours, Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast, ‘it’s a small world’ and Peter Pan’s Flight* (My legs were very tired after this). I think that I watched the Parade this day as well. For Dinner I went to Plaza Gardens (Main Street USA) which is an international buffet restaurant which do EVERYTHING (well, most things). I had a whole mix of things!

Wednesday was a bit of a ‘show day’, meaning that I went and saw a few shows. I had breakfast at Hotel New York which was just down the road because there wasn’t much space at Cheyenne due to the referbishment!). I had pretty much the same thing I had on Tuesday but I had an English Breakfast Tea instead of a Coffee! I saw Mickey Mouse in my hotel this morning! Firstly I went to see the Mickey and the Magician show in the studios and I found it very entertaining. There’s a mix of English and basic French but it’s very easy to understand what’s going on! I also went to see the Stunt Car show in the studios and it was very loud but it was very good! In the afternoon I saw the Forest of Enchantment show which I liked and after I went on Big Thunder Mountain as it was closed on Tuesday! I think that I went on a couple of other rides too! I had dinner at my hotel that evening (again it was buffet style, a lot are!) and it was very nice! In the evening, I watched the fireworks and the illuminatons! It was amazing even though I couldn’t see very well!

Thursday was the last proper day in the parks! I had breakfast at New York again and I met Goofy in the hotel! I went in the studios to go on a couple of rides including RC Racer and I went on a couple of rides in the park! For Dinner I went to La grange at Billy Bob’s in the Village and they did very nice food!

On Friday, I (again) had breakfast at Hotel New York and i didn’t go on any rides :(. However I did meet Minnie Mouse in the park and I went to Earl of Sandwich (Disney Village) for lunch and i had a Pizza ( Weird right?!). After, I went to the Hotel and had a Starbucks whist waiting for the airport shuttle bus to arrive. I ended up at the airport really early and ending up just sitting there for hours oops, the flight ended up delayed as well! It was all okay in the end though!

I did some shopping whilst I was at Disney too. I bought 2 pairs of Minnie Mouse Ears (A normal pair and a 25th anniversary pair), 25th Anniversary Minnie and Mickey Tsum Tsums and some keyrings. I also collected some things so that I can do a scrapbook of disney!

*If you’re wondering how the heck I got on so many rides in a day, it’s because I had a Disabled Accessibility Pass (also called a Green Pass or a Priority card) which meant I didn’t have to queue in the main queue (if that makes sense!).

Here’s some photos yay (obviously, I have more but I don’t want to flood the entire blog with Disney photos hahaha):


Part of the Hotel

Disney 2

Tower of Terror!


The Iconic Castle

Disney 3

Big Thunder Mountain

Disney 4

Hotel Signpost

Disney 5

25th Anniversary Minnie Mouse Ears

Disney 6

GIGANTIC Disney Store

I hope you’ve enjoyed my superrrr long post! I enjoyed writing it!

Bye for nowwwwwwwwww

My Prom 2017


Quick post today because I’m going on holidayyyy! On Friday (7th) I had my school prom! I went to my friend’s house where we did our hair and makeup. The prom was held at a hotel about 30 minutes from home and I enjoyed it a lot! My friend and I traveled to the prom via an old Volkswagen camper-van that belongs to my neighbour, so the the ride was a little bumpy hahaha! Here’s some photographs that were taken, unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to have an official photograph at the venue but my parents and friends took some!

Photo 08-07-2017, 10 23 42 am

My friends and I at the end of our prom (I’m the 4th from the right, or the 5th from the left haha)


Photo 10-07-2017, 7 51 37 am

This is me outside the camper van. The dress makes me look huge because I have a petticoat, I’m not really that fat hahahahahah!

Photo 10-07-2017, 7 51 17 am

This is me in my friend’s garden!

There was a lot of dancing so afterwards my feet hurt quite a bit, but it was worth it! Now, I have officially left secondary school! (in fact I’m wearing my leaver’s hoodie as I write this!)

I’m probably not going to post until at least Saturday (15th) now because I’m going to Disneyland!

See you laterrrrrrrrrrr

My Fidget Cube Review


So today I thought I’d do a review because I need some variety on here hahah! I have decided to review my fidget cube because firstly, some people may not know what it is and also I want to express my opinion about them! This is my honest opinion by the way, I’m being paid to say good things or anything!!


(If you would like to see more photos or a video…Use the Contact Me page)

Yes, so this is my Fidget Cube, by Antsy Labs. It has six sides (as a cube normally does!) and they all have different things on them. On one there’s a switch that can gently be pushed from side to side. It clicks if it is pushed faster. but doesn’t when pushed slowly. On another side, there’s a circle (I don’t really know how else to describe it!) which acts a bit like a joystick and it glides smoothly across the surface. It doesn’t make any noise! On the next side there are five buttons laid out like the fifth side on a dice. Three of the buttons click, the other two don’t. The next side is a bit different, it simply has an indented oval shape that is meant to act like traditional anxiety relief (it’s based on worry stones). On the fifth side, there is a roller ball that rolls (duhhhh) and clicks when pushed down. There are also some cog like things that can be rolled too! (My description is terrible isn’t it!) On the final side, there is another circle that kinda just spins around, it’s quite nice!

I really quite like my Fidget Cube and I find it very helpful actually. This is an official one by the people who originally started it on Kickstarter so it is very high quality. I’ve had cheap knock off versions before, and they don’t quite live up to this standard but I’d still recommend them!

(Oh another plus, they come in different colours! (ooooooooh))


RATING: 5/5 Stars

Like to try it yourself? Here yah go I added some nice links for you!

Fidget Cube by Antsy Labs: (I actually got mine from Tesco and you can also get them from the Entertainer and some other places, but this link is for Smyths Toys Superstores)

Can’t afford that? Here’s a cheaper one:

I hope you enjoyed my review, even though it wasn’t the most exciting!



DISCLAIMER: I'm not being paid to say good things about this, this is just my genuine opinion!

What’s in my school bag?

Heyyyyy <3

Yes! First lifestyle post!

So, I have my college welcome/induction day coming up on Monday (3rd July) which is technically like my first day so I thought I’d share what I think you should have in your school bag, by telling you what’s in mine (if that makes any sense!). Please note though this is only my opinion and I am by no means a ‘professional’ (other than the fact I’ve been going to school for almost 12 years hahah).

Firstly, I think that you need a nice strong, sturdy bag. One that you’ll be able to carry around all day (I found out that the college day where I’m going runs from 08:40 to 16:15 which is a long time, however not every day will be that long!). I have this one (see below) which I think that is strong and will last a long time!

My School bag, bought from Amazon

Right, now in (the main bit of) my bag I have these items:

Inside my bag…

I have a main pencil case, another pencil case (for fineliners/extra highlighters etc.), a water bottle (hydration is important!), a rough notebook and a notebook for each subject. I have a small tablet too that I can fit in as well. I also I have a folder for each subject too, but I won’t be carrying them around every day! I feel that all these things are essential for school!

In the front pocket of my bag there are the slightly more optional things.

Randomness that I own…

I have my phone, my bus card, hay-fever tablets, a small amount of money (for lunch!), a pack a tissues, a pack of wipes, some paracetamol, hand gel, a hairbrush and some Polo mints!

The main reason I did this post was because I spent hours searching on the internet school supplies I should have in my school bag and so I thought if I found something like this useful… Other people might too. So here you are! (You’re welcome!)

I hope you’re enjoying my posts so far.

Be back soooooooooooooon!

Buy bag: HERE

Pencil Case: HERE (Only the stripy one is available at the moment!)

Notepads: HERE (Available in A4 & A5)