Bookmark Review!


So my new posting day is Friday….. and that’s today yay! I have decided to review a bookmark that my friend, Jade, made for me. She has an Etsy store (LINK) where you can buy your own if your interested! She’s also on Instagram as @bookmuffin and even has her own blog so check that out too!

It’s a blue Ravenclaw (Harry Potter) book mark and she also does bookmarks for the other houses and various other themes too! They’re very well crafted from paper and card and they make an excellent addition to your book!

Rating 5/5 stars!

Remember to find out more visit her ETSY store

Sorry for the ridiculously short post!


*DISCLAIMER* I’m not being paid to advertise, my friend made it for me for free so I said that I’d review it on my blog.

My normal make-up routine!


Yay, finally I’m doing a beauty post. I was meant to post this last weekend but I got caught up sorting stuff out for college. Also, I know I just made my posting day Wednesday, but after looking at my timetable and running a poll on Twitter I have decided that Friday is a better day for this! So yeah, let me talk you through (what is technically) my normal makeup routine…

1 .Face Wipe and Primer

So, firstly I use a cleansing wipe to, well, clean my face. I’m currently using Sainsbury’s Own Tea Tree wipes; I unfortunately don’t have an image! Then I use a primer to protect my skin. Right now I have the Skin Illuminator by No7 and I think it’s pretty good (but it’s the only one I’ve ever had so I’ve nothing to compare it to!!)

2. Concealer

After that, I use a concealer to cover up any spots and to light up dark areas. This is the Cover Stick by Maybelline in Vanilla and I’ve been using it for a few years so it must be pretty good. It’s almost lipstick consistency rather than liquid which makes applying quite easy.

3. Foundation

I then use a foundation to even it all out! This is Beautifully Matte by No7 in Calico and the brush was part of a set also from No7. This is the most expensive, and best, foundation I’ve owned. The last one I had was from Seventeen (I think) and I found it a bit orange and clumpy. This is much smoother!

4. Powder

Next, I use a powder to finish it all off. This is Airbush Away Finishing Powder No7. The powder brush wasn’t in the No7 set, I think it’s from Marks & Spencer.

5. Mascara

Obviously I don’t use these both at the same time, but these are the mascaras that I own. I do this after I’ve done all the face stuff. The red one is Lash Impact Mascara by No7 and the silver one is Dramatic Lift Mascara by No7. I used a mascara from a cheaper brand before and it was a bit clumpy but this is much better.

6. Other

Everything I’ve already mentioned is my basic routine, but sometimes I do other things too. Here there is (all No7): Honey Blush Powder, Good Earth Stay Perfect Eye Shadow Palette, Beautiful Eyebrow Kit, Honey Bloom Lipstick, Matte Lip Crayon, an Eye Contour brush, Stay Perfect Liquid Eyeliner and a Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil. I also have an eyelash curler and an EOS lip balm! I only use these things occasionally, if there’s a special event or something. I do any of this after I’ve done all of the above.

Here are the links to some of the items mentioned:

Face Wipes (Sainsbury’s)

Primer (Boots)

Concealer (Boots)

Foundation (Boots)

Powder (Boots)

Mascara 1 (Boots)

Mascara 2 (Boots)

Blusher (Boots)

Eye Shadow (Boots)

Eyebrow Kit (Boots)

Lipstick (Boots)

Lip Crayon (Boots)

Eye Contour Brush (Boots)

Foundation Brush (Boots)

Liquid Eyeliner (Boots)

Eyeliner Pencil (Boots)

Eyelash Curler (Superdrug)

EOS Lipbalm, I have more than one flavour but I’m only putting one link! (

*Disclaimer* Whereas I did buy some of these things at the same time, I didn’t buy all of it all at once because neither myself or my mum have that much money! I got some of the items free or for Christmas too. Also I am not being paid to talk about No7 products, I just so happen to have a lot!

UPDATE: I’ve now done a Youtube video on my makeup routine, check it out here:

My Makeup Routine

I hope you enjoyed my first (I think) Beauty post! More to come in the future!

I’ll see you now on FRIDAY!

What Jess Wore: 1st Day of College


It’s Wednesday so that means… NEW POST!

On Monday I started College, like, officially and I thought I’d share what I wore on my first day because I haven’t actually done a fashion-y post yet so, here we are!

This is what I wore…. I’m wearing a grey jumper, black leggings, white socks, burgundy converse and a top underneath. I chose to wear this because I felt that it was quite comfortable but also quite fashionable.

These are my shoes. I chose to wear white socks so that they matched and I rolled up my leggings a bit because they’re too big!

This is the top I wore underneath, It’s quite simple but I like it!

On my wrist, I’m wearing a fitbit alta!

Here’s where my clothes are from:

Jumper – Primark (Can’t remember how much it cost!!)

Top- Superdry £19 I think?

Leggings- Topshop £12

Socks- Next Kids (Don’t know how much!!)

Shoes (I actually got on ebay but here’s another link) £45

Fitbit- Next £100

I hope you enjoyed my first fashion post! Sorry if it is a bit boring!

See yah

My Top Tips On How To Survive SECONDARY SCHOOL…


Yay! This is the first post in the new posting schedule thing! Just to clarify, Wednesdays 5pm is going to be the main posting time. There will probably be a post most weekends but I cannot guarantee all of them!

Ah, so it’s back to school week! Everyone is starting in a new year group or even a new school! I’m starting Year 12 which means that I have braved infant school, junior school and secondary school! I’m about to start college/sixth form and so I decided to share how to survive secondary school, because if I can make it… You definitely can!

TIP ONE: Be Yourself!

I went to an all girls secondary school, and trust me, girls judge! But seriously, don’t change for them! You don’t want to go through the whole five years living a lie because that’s hard! Also, they’ll find out, and then you’ll be labelled a ‘wannabe’. So don’t even start, just be you!

TIP TWO: But be realistic!

There’s always two sides to being yourself! Be yourself but be nice about it! If for some reason you love the thought of stabbing someone because that’s just who you are, it doesn’t mean you have to do that… especially in school! (that was a really bad example, I’m sorry!)

TIP THREE: Oh my gosh, have fun!

Secondary School is fun. You can meet some amazing new people if you do it right! Join them clubs! Embrace those fun lessons! GO ON THOSE TRIPS! You don’t need to be serious 24/7….

TIP FOUR: But work hard!

You can have fun, but you will regret it if you don’t do your work because you won’t get those grades you want! Ask the teacher if you’re stuck, it’s their job to help you! If you want to be top of your class, and dare I say this, ask for some extra work… Your teacher will love it, mine did!

TIP FIVE: You don’t have to follow the trends!

Suddenly everyone has the same school bag, doesn’t mean you have to! It won’t win you friends, and if it does, it doesn’t mean they really like you for you! If you want that particular bag though, go for it if it’s what you like!

TIP SIX: Respect your teachers!

This one sounds really boring but just do it! They probably don’t want to be there any more than you do (Haha, I’m kidding…. They want to teach you!)! Having a good relationship with your teacher can mean you could improve in that subject quicker than if you didn’t get on with your teacher because you’re more inclined to listen to them!

TIP SEVEN: Please, don’t be weird…

Think before you act/speak/turn up/whatever! If I look back on my Year 7 and 8 self, I cringe so much and I hate it!! I was soooo weird and the worst part is, I knew that at the time I just didn’t think! So unless you want to cringe for the rest of your life I urge you to think!

TIP EIGHT: You don’t own the corridor

Pretty simple, if you don’t push them, they won’t push you!

TIP NINE: Look presentable

Yes, your uniform is ugly. Yes, you hate having to tie your hair back. But just suck it up and do it because it puts you in a ‘lets get stuff done’ mode and believe it or not, you may see grade improvement!

TIP TEN: Make your mark!

Are you aspiring for head girl or boy, or even just a prefect? Then get yourself known! Do good things, volunteer for things, join the student council, join clubs. Let people remember you went to that school!

TIP ELEVEN: Make Memories!

It’s very likely you’ll remember Years 7-11 the rest of your life so make the most of it and make good memories!

TIP TWELVE: Good Luck!

Not really a tip…. Secondary School is hard, but you’ll see it though! Good Luck and have fun!

Another reason I decided to share this is because there are some things here I wish people would have told me before I started because I definitely regret not doing more. I should’ve done more clubs, I did one in year 7! It was Science Club and that was it. I did nothing else. I didn’t do anything particularly special, I didn’t raise money for the school or anything (I don’t think). I didn’t work THAT hard in the lower years and I feel I could’ve done better! I don’t want  anyone else to not be satisfied with their experience so that’s why I wrote this!

I hope it’s useful!

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You asked Me…


On my social media accounts, I wrote saying that I wanted questions for a Q & A and I received some questions! So now I’m going to do my job…Which is to answer them, here we go:

Q1 If you could step in the shoes of a celebrity for a day, who’s would you? (@littleblogofmakeup on Instagram)

This is a hard question because there’s so many things I’d like to experience. I’m thinking maybe someone like Zoe Sugg to find out more about Youtube as a career as it’s a very new thing, or maybe an olympic gymnast to see what it’s like to be that good!

Q2 Is blogging your hobby or profession? (@Geek_of_All on Twitter)

Right now, blogging is my hobby as I’m a student and therefore don’t really have time to have a profession! Also I don’t currently earn anything from blogging but I think it would be cool to one day!

Q3 What is your favourite series of all time and why? (@SavanaRae098 on Twitter)

I don’t really watch that much TV, but I do like Friends and occasionally I watch soaps. I even have Netflix, I just need to learn to utilise it more!!

Q4 What’s your dream vacation? (@The_Happy_Diary on Twitter)

Well, I went to America when I was about 6 for a wedding and haven’t been back since so I’d really like to go back there because I don’t remember much as it was over 10 years ago!

Q5 What camera do you use for your blog photos and any editing apps you use? (@imhayleydotcom on Twitter)

Currently I use my camera (Nikon D3200) and my mum’s camera (Nikon D750) to take my blog photos and I edit them using Adobe Photoshop CC and the Photos app on iPhone (depending on where or what I’m doing with the photo)

Q6 What’s your favourite thing to do apart from being sarcastic and photography? (My friend, Sofia)

Hahah! Well obviously I like to blog a lot, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this! I also like to do gymnastics and I practise on my trampoline all the time (when it’s not raining!)!!

Q7 What’s your favourite Disney movie? (My friend, Ellen)

Hmm, I dunno, I like them all!! My favourite changes a lot! My favourite movie (s) is definitely the Harry Potter series buttt I don’t know which Disney movie is my favourite…

Q8 How old are you? (Anonymous)

I am 16 and my birthday is the 9th November (hint, hint!!)

Q9 Why did you start blogging? (Anonymous)

I started blogging when I was about 12 or 13 and I’m not entirely sure why I started. I guess I just thought it was pretty cool. I think Zoella was just beginning to become pretty big and I guess I was just inspired by her!

Q10 Any tips for new bloggers? (Anonymous)

Yes, first of all, PLAN! Plan what sort of things you’re going to share or you will not get anywhere! Also, relax, be yourself! I literally type how I talk and I say things I would normally say. Make sure your blog is easy to read and appealing to your target readers. Finally, post what you want. Don’t be pressured into writing something you’re uncomfortable writing!

I hope you enjoyed my Q & A! I will definitely do another one in the future so please send me more questions if you have any!


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