My Trip To The USA

Between Tuesday 13th of February and Saturday 17th February, I went Los Angeles, California for a holiday and to visit family! I posted on Instagram stories quite a lot (you can see it all in my highlights!) so you got to see little snippets of my holiday, but I decided it would be a great idea to write about it here! I thought it would be great to share my experience and also it means that I can look back on this in the future! I may also do a little video running through my Instagram story to put on YouTube, in case it is unclear as to what is happening and I can go into more detail! Anyway, on with the holiday!

DAY ONE: Tuesday 13th February

You may be thinking why did you go from TUESDAY to Saturday? Well, the reason is firstly I needed some time in the half term (which was the same week) to do some of my coursework and secondly I had two hospital appointments on the Monday.

My holiday started at roughly 9am, when I left to go to the airport! I caught a bus and a train in order to get there as the parking can be really quite expensive! When I got to the airport around 10am, I checked my hold bag in so that I didn’t have to carry it around and so that I could continue to Passport Control and Security, which didn’t take long considering I was going on an international long haul flight! When I got ‘airside’, I went around a few shops and even managed to pick myself up a Blogosphere Magazine to read on the plane! I also grabbed some breakfast and a Starbucks (obviously!)

Blogosphere Magazine and Boarding Pass

Around 12pm, I headed toward the gate that I was going to catch the plane from, I didn’t have to wait long until I was let on! I was travelling with Norwegian Air and so the plane was one of their new 787 Dreamliners, and it was quite dreamy really in comparison to some other planes I have been on. The economy cabin was surprisingly roomy and the on board entertainment system was excellent. I definitely exhausted this system as my outgoing flight was just under 11 hours!  I particularly enjoyed the choice of films and TV shows and the interactive, informative map! There were also games as well! You can also order a range of food, drink and duty free with one touch and a swipe of your card. A single tap can call you a flight assistant too! Perfect for those lazy people who just want to sit back and relax. (although you do have to make a physical and conscious effort to go to the toilet, they’re not that high tech yet!)

I know this isn’t a very good photo but this is a Norwegian 787 Dreamliner, used for their international long haul flights!

After about 11 hours, I landed at LAX airport at just before 4pm (USA time). Getting through customs and baggage claim took a while but I got there in the end! My mum’s cousin (which would be my 1st Cousin, once removed) who we were staying with picked us up from the airport and drove us to his house in Manhattan Beach, which was about 15-20 minutes from the airport. Not much happened after this except I sorted out my things and went to sleep!

DAY TWO: Wednesday 14th February

On Wednesday (Valentine’s Day), I had pancakes for breakfast as I’d missed having one the day before, Pancake Day! At about 20 past 9, I headed out to the local shop and shopping centre to pick up some bits. I got some Oreos and Teddy Graham biscuits to snack on, some new motion sickness tablets as I’d run out. a pack of the drinks that I have for breakfast (I have them on prescription here, but I couldn’t fit them in my case!), a chocolate bar and 5 Pocketbac Hand Sanitisers from Bath & Body Works (they were on offer!).

Bath & Body Works Pocketbac Hand Gel

I then headed to a little cafe for a drink. I had a Vanilla Latte (I like my coffee to taste the exact opposite to coffee!!) even though it was 20oC (68oF)! It was very nice and the lady gave me some mini donuts too!

Look Blue Sky! Haven’t seen that in a while!

I like the pattern!

When I returned to the house, I relaxed for a bit and then I headed out to the local beach. I ate a ham and cheese sandwich and crisps on the pier and then I grabbed a Starbucks! I had a Vanilla Bean Creme Frappucchino!

Manhattan Beach, CA, USA

I apologise for the poor quality photo…. and my deformed weirdo thumb!

I think that I had pizza for tea this day, although it may have been pasta. I can’t really remember!

DAY THREE: Thursday 15th February

On Thursday I went out for the day! I headed to Santa Monica and Venice Beach! I firstly walked down to the pier at Santa Monica! They have a bunch of rides and amusements, but unfortunately I didn’t go on any! I got a burger on the pier for lunch and I also got a T-Shirt! Santa Monica was very photogenic! It looked a bit like a postcard!

Santa Monica T Shirt

Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier

As I was walking back towards Venice Beach, a guy on a bike with a trailer seat thing approached and offered a lift to Venice Beach. I hopped on and soon arrived there! It definitely saved my legs!

View From Bike

At Venice Beach there were loads of shops and I got a sweatshirt! I also got an ice cream as it was quite hot!

Venice Beach Sweatshirt

After spending a few hours out, I got an Uber back to the house and for tea had either pizza or pasta (again I can’t remember)

DAY FOUR: Friday 16th February

Day Four was exciting! I think I had a pancake for breakfast again and then at about 9am, I left to go and pick up my mum’s cousins daughter (my 2nd Cousin), who’s 6, from school early (she only has a short day on Fridays!) and we went for a day out at Universal Studios Hollywood! It was great!

At the entrance



Firstly I met and had my photo taken with Curious George!

Cousins with Curious George

Me with Curious George

I then headed towards the Wizarding World of Harry Potter area and went on a ride called The Hippogriff’s Flight (or something similar). It was a rollercoaster! I think I went on it twice!




Hogwarts and Roller Coaster

Sign Post

Next I headed toward ‘Springfield’, ie The Simpsons Area. I went to Krusty Burger for lunch and they had episodes of The Simpsons playing on a loop! My Dad and first cousin once removed had a Duff Beer too! I went on the Simpsons Ride too which was a bit like a rollercoaster!

Lard Lad Donuts

Springfield Elementary


Krusty Burger

Duff Beer


Lisa Simpson

Krusty Burger

Me at Krustyland

After that, I went to the Despicable Me/Minions area where I went on a small ride that just went up and down, but I could see the view across Hollywood and it was amazing! I then went on the Minions Ride which I also went on twice!

Despicable Me

I went back to the Harry Potter area and I went to a different ride which was inside Hogwarts! It was pretty awesome! Harry Potter is one of my favourite things and I so grateful I got to go to Universal where they had the rides and the shops!

When I’d finished going on rides, I did a bit of shopping! I bought a chocolate frog, jelly slugs and a Ravenclaw Scarf (#RavenclawPride) from the gift shop! I then went to a chicken place for tea and I had a hot chocolate that was so hot it burnt my tongue! It tasted a bit like fire after that! I went to bed when I got back!



Universal was great, but very tiring! I had to stand in quite a few long queues, as you’d expect! It was different than Disney because there I had a disabled access pass so the queues weren’t as long or I quite literally jumped the queue! If you’d like to know more about my trip to Disneyland last summer read THIS post! I didn’t get one of those for Universal!

DAY FIVE: Saturday 17th February

Day Five was the last day (*sobs*). In the morning, I got up and I had ANOTHER pancake (they’re great!) and then I had a little tour of Hollywood! I saw the ever-famous Hollywood sign and the Hollywood walk of fame! (the path of stars!)

Hollywood Sign



On my way back, I grabbed an excellent burger from a place called Shake Shack! I think there’s a couple in the UK! Once I’d eaten that, I went to the local shop again to get some things to take back home! I got two packs of Honey Maid Graham Crackers (it’s 2018 why aren’t these in the UK yet?), a pack of fruit roll ups and two bars of chocolate (one of which I ate on the plane!). Again, I got a Starbucks and I had the same as before but I also had caramel sauce on it… MMMMM!




Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino with Cream and Caramel Sauce

Extra Watermelon Gum

I packed up my things after this and relaxed a bit before going to the airport for my flight, which was at 6:50pm. After getting through bag drop/security etc. I went to a small shop and grabbed some water for the flight and a small souvenir for my friend! I had YET ANOTHER Starbucks whilst waiting at the gate. This time it was a Double Chocolate Chip Creme with Chocolate sauce. Yum! This time the flight was only just under 10 hours as the plane took a slight different and shorter route! I , again, made use of the in flight entertainment. I watched Despicable Me 3!


I landed back in the UK 12:00pm (GMT) on Sunday and I was very tired (Jetlag is real people!)! I caught a taxi back home and I had a couple of slices of Dominos and a bath and then I went to sleep at 3:30pm! I slept until 8:30am on Monday, waking only briefly at 12 something AM which is why I can probably sit here now (Monday 19th) at quarter to eleven at night and write this!

Wow! I really hope you enjoyed my detailed account of my holiday to America! Sorry the photos are a bit rubbish at times; I only had my camera phone as I couldn’t fit/carry around my normal camera! You can probably tell very clearly what was taken after I got back!

Also, quick note, I would have ‘vlogged’ my trip butttttt I forgot to back up my phone before I went so I didn’t know if I’d have enough space and also I didn’t know what it would be like. I’ll definitely vlog it if I go again! To make up for it I posted on Instagram stories a lot and I will do that YouTube video perhaps at the weekend I said that I’d do too! How does that sound? (Cool? Good!)

I know you’re reading this in the future, but I suppose now I’ve gotta go to sleep as tomorrow (Tuesday) is one of the longest days in my college week (8:40-3:10, 4 lessons, doesn’t sound like a lot but I usually only have 2 lessons ish).

Bye for now, and thank you SO much for reading!

This post has almost 2000 words WOOP!


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