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My Trip To Scotland #2

Yeah, I disappeared off of the face of the Earth a bit… or should I say England. That’s right, I went to Scotland again (see previous visit HERE) to visit my aunt and uncle who live up there. I thought that I’d take the opportunity to share with you what I got up to, seeing that I haven’t been totally up to speed with my blogging!! I’m going to try and post as much as I can until I get caught up.

Anyway, I was in Scotland from Monday 28th May to Friday 1st June and I went up by car. Here’s what I got up to:

My Trip To Scotland – May/June 2018

Monday 28th June

On Monday, My mum, my dad, my cousin Serena and I left home bright and early (About 7am) as the drive takes roughly 9-11 hours. My aunt and uncle live in Argyll and Bute, which is just to the west of Glasgow. We decided to drive up rather than fly because it is too expensive to hire a car.

I think that the car journey went okay. I entertained myself on my phone and I rekindled my love for my Nintendo DS! I also did some blog planning things! We made several stops along the way, usually to have a toilet break and pick up a Starbucks! I honestly think that I have never consumed so much Starbucks/Costa in a day! At lunch, we stopped at a services which had a Burger King, and I got a Costa as well.

We arrived at my aunt and uncles at about 6pm and me, my mum and my dad stayed in the annex on the side of the house as some of my other cousins were also coming to stay the following day!

Tuesday 29th May

On Tuesday my mum, my cousin Serena and I went swimming at the local marina (Portavadie)! I’d never been before but I knew that the place was a posh spa-y kind of place. They even gave us towels! It was really fun; we stayed for 3 hours! There was an infinity pool outside and hot tubs, and inside there was a sauna, a jacuzzi type thing and an ordinary leisure pool! In the showers, they had a really nice coconutty shower gel. It made my skin feel really nice for quite a while afterwards! In the changing rooms, there were hair dryers (as you’d expect) but there were also straighteners! This is something I’d never seen before.

After swimming, we went into the cafe for hot chocolate! I’ve had hot chocolate from there a few times and I think it’s really nice. If you ever go to Tighnabruiach, I highly recommend nipping down to Portavadie!

When we arrived back at my aunt’s house, we were greeted by my cousin Alex, his girlfriend Laura, their son Hudson and Laura’s dad and girlfriend (as well as my aunt and uncle who live there of course!). It was the first time that I’d met Hudson as when I last saw Laura and Alex, he hadn’t have been born yet!

My aunt and uncle have a pop up cafe (Kilbride Farm Cafe) on their land, so after returning from swimming I had a burger and a can of Irn Bru from the cafe! My mum had a ham and cheese panini!

We went out for dinner at the hotel where my aunt and uncle work. I had a small gammon steak with chips and then a bowl of ice cream. It was very nice, but filling!

Wednesday 30th June

On Wednesday, we went to the Isle of Bute. We had to take a ferry, which literally took about 2 minutes! We went to a pub for a drink and we had a bit of a drive around the island.

We didn’t really do much else on Wednesday! I did some blogging things though! I updated my about me page and I made a new media kit!

Thursday 31st May

On Thursday, me, my mum and my dad went to a town called Inveraray. We had a look around, had a drink of hot choc and we got ice cream.

Again, we didn’t really do much else! I practised some gymnastics, but I had to do it inside because there were so many midges (tiny mosquito like things) outside I would’ve been bitten to death. We did, however, go to the beach in the evening to walk the dogs!

Little Self Promo for my Gymnastics Channel/IG

Friday 1st June

On Friday, we drove back home. We left just after 7am and arrived back just before 8pm. For lunch, I had a Costa Ham & Cheese Panini and a gingerbread man. We also bought some Percy Pigs for the car journey!

I know it looked like we didn’t do a lot but we only really went up there to see my aunt and uncle! I promise, much more exciting posts are coming soooooooon!

Thanks for reading this absolute shipwreck of a blog post!


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