My Top Tips On How To Survive SECONDARY SCHOOL…


Yay! This is the first post in the new posting schedule thing! Just to clarify, Wednesdays 5pm is going to be the main posting time. There will probably be a post most weekends but I cannot guarantee all of them!

Ah, so it’s back to school week! Everyone is starting in a new year group or even a new school! I’m starting Year 12 which means that I have braved infant school, junior school and secondary school! I’m about to start college/sixth form and so I decided to share how to survive secondary school, because if I can make it… You definitely can!

TIP ONE: Be Yourself!

I went to an all girls secondary school, and trust me, girls judge! But seriously, don’t change for them! You don’t want to go through the whole five years living a lie because that’s hard! Also, they’ll find out, and then you’ll be labelled a ‘wannabe’. So don’t even start, just be you!

TIP TWO: But be realistic!

There’s always two sides to being yourself! Be yourself but be nice about it! If for some reason you love the thought of stabbing someone because that’s just who you are, it doesn’t mean you have to do that… especially in school! (that was a really bad example, I’m sorry!)

TIP THREE: Oh my gosh, have fun!

Secondary School is fun. You can meet some amazing new people if you do it right! Join them clubs! Embrace those fun lessons! GO ON THOSE TRIPS! You don’t need to be serious 24/7….

TIP FOUR: But work hard!

You can have fun, but you will regret it if you don’t do your work because you won’t get those grades you want! Ask the teacher if you’re stuck, it’s their job to help you! If you want to be top of your class, and dare I say this, ask for some extra work… Your teacher will love it, mine did!

TIP FIVE: You don’t have to follow the trends!

Suddenly everyone has the same school bag, doesn’t mean you have to! It won’t win you friends, and if it does, it doesn’t mean they really like you for you! If you want that particular bag though, go for it if it’s what you like!

TIP SIX: Respect your teachers!

This one sounds really boring but just do it! They probably don’t want to be there any more than you do (Haha, I’m kidding…. They want to teach you!)! Having a good relationship with your teacher can mean you could improve in that subject quicker than if you didn’t get on with your teacher because you’re more inclined to listen to them!

TIP SEVEN: Please, don’t be weird…

Think before you act/speak/turn up/whatever! If I look back on my Year 7 and 8 self, I cringe so much and I hate it!! I was soooo weird and the worst part is, I knew that at the time I just didn’t think! So unless you want to cringe for the rest of your life I urge you to think!

TIP EIGHT: You don’t own the corridor

Pretty simple, if you don’t push them, they won’t push you!

TIP NINE: Look presentable

Yes, your uniform is ugly. Yes, you hate having to tie your hair back. But just suck it up and do it because it puts you in a ‘lets get stuff done’ mode and believe it or not, you may see grade improvement!

TIP TEN: Make your mark!

Are you aspiring for head girl or boy, or even just a prefect? Then get yourself known! Do good things, volunteer for things, join the student council, join clubs. Let people remember you went to that school!

TIP ELEVEN: Make Memories!

It’s very likely you’ll remember Years 7-11 the rest of your life so make the most of it and make good memories!

TIP TWELVE: Good Luck!

Not really a tip…. Secondary School is hard, but you’ll see it though! Good Luck and have fun!

Another reason I decided to share this is because there are some things here I wish people would have told me before I started because I definitely regret not doing more. I should’ve done more clubs, I did one in year 7! It was Science Club and that was it. I did nothing else. I didn’t do anything particularly special, I didn’t raise money for the school or anything (I don’t think). I didn’t work THAT hard in the lower years and I feel I could’ve done better! I don’t want ¬†anyone else to not be satisfied with their experience so that’s why I wrote this!

I hope it’s useful!

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