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My Prom 2017


Quick post today because I’m going on holidayyyy! On Friday (7th) I had my school prom! I went to my friend’s house where we did our hair and makeup. The prom was held at a hotel about 30 minutes from home and I enjoyed it a lot! My friend and I traveled to the prom via an old Volkswagen camper-van that belongs to my neighbour, so the the ride was a little bumpy hahaha! Here’s some photographs that were taken, unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to have an official photograph at the venue but my parents and friends took some!

Photo 08-07-2017, 10 23 42 am

My friends and I at the end of our prom (I’m the 4th from the right, or the 5th from the left haha)


Photo 10-07-2017, 7 51 37 am

This is me outside the camper van. The dress makes me look huge because I have a petticoat, I’m not really that fat hahahahahah!

Photo 10-07-2017, 7 51 17 am

This is me in my friend’s garden!

There was a lot of dancing so afterwards my feet hurt quite a bit, but it was worth it! Now, I have officially left secondary school! (in fact I’m wearing my leaver’s hoodie as I write this!)

I’m probably not going to post until at least Saturday (15th) now because I’m going to Disneyland!

See you laterrrrrrrrrrr


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