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Yay, finally I’m doing a beauty post. I was meant to post this last weekend but I got caught up sorting stuff out for college. Also, I know I just made my posting day Wednesday, but after looking at my timetable and running a poll on Twitter I have decided that Friday is a better day for this! So yeah, let me talk you through (what is technically) my normal makeup routine…

1 .Face Wipe and Primer

So, firstly I use a cleansing wipe to, well, clean my face. I’m currently using Sainsbury’s Own Tea Tree wipes; I unfortunately don’t have an image! Then I use a primer to protect my skin. Right now I have the Skin Illuminator by No7 and I think it’s pretty good (but it’s the only one I’ve ever had so I’ve nothing to compare it to!!)

2. Concealer

After that, I use a concealer to cover up any spots and to light up dark areas. This is the Cover Stick by Maybelline in Vanilla and I’ve been using it for a few years so it must be pretty good. It’s almost lipstick consistency rather than liquid which makes applying quite easy.

3. Foundation

I then use a foundation to even it all out! This is Beautifully Matte by No7 in Calico and the brush was part of a set also from No7. This is the most expensive, and best, foundation I’ve owned. The last one I had was from Seventeen (I think) and I found it a bit orange and clumpy. This is much smoother!

4. Powder

Next, I use a powder to finish it all off. This is Airbush Away Finishing Powder No7. The powder brush wasn’t in the No7 set, I think it’s from Marks & Spencer.

5. Mascara

Obviously I don’t use these both at the same time, but these are the mascaras that I own. I do this after I’ve done all the face stuff. The red one is Lash Impact Mascara by No7 and the silver one is Dramatic Lift Mascara by No7. I used a mascara from a cheaper brand before and it was a bit clumpy but this is much better.

6. Other

Everything I’ve already mentioned is my basic routine, but sometimes I do other things too. Here there is (all No7): Honey Blush Powder, Good Earth Stay Perfect Eye Shadow Palette, Beautiful Eyebrow Kit, Honey Bloom Lipstick, Matte Lip Crayon, an Eye Contour brush, Stay Perfect Liquid Eyeliner and a Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil. I also have an eyelash curler and an EOS lip balm! I only use these things occasionally, if there’s a special event or something. I do any of this after I’ve done all of the above.

Here are the links to some of the items mentioned:

Face Wipes (Sainsbury’s)

Primer (Boots)

Concealer (Boots)

Foundation (Boots)

Powder (Boots)

Mascara 1 (Boots)

Mascara 2 (Boots)

Blusher (Boots)

Eye Shadow (Boots)

Eyebrow Kit (Boots)

Lipstick (Boots)

Lip Crayon (Boots)

Eye Contour Brush (Boots)

Foundation Brush (Boots)

Liquid Eyeliner (Boots)

Eyeliner Pencil (Boots)

Eyelash Curler (Superdrug)

EOS Lipbalm, I have more than one flavour but I’m only putting one link! (

*Disclaimer* Whereas I did buy some of these things at the same time, I didn’t buy all of it all at once because neither myself or my mum have that much money! I got some of the items free or for Christmas too. Also I am not being paid to talk about No7 products, I just so happen to have a lot!

UPDATE: I’ve now done a Youtube video on my makeup routine, check it out here:

My Makeup Routine

I hope you enjoyed my first (I think) Beauty post! More to come in the future!

I’ll see you now on FRIDAY!



  1. 17th September 2017 / 11:19 pm

    I have never used a primer (which is dumb because i got a good one in my BareMinerals kit) but i am afriad it’ll break my face out. I keep my eye makeup pretty simple most days because at work “we can’t stand out”, i cant even wear my hair up because i have an inner ear piercing.

    • Jess
      17th September 2017 / 11:20 pm

      I’ve never had a problem with primer I don’t think. I’m a teenager, so I blame my break outs on hormones 😂

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